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  1. I hope so. Besides, the way I figure it, they can always re-edit my results to alter the subtler things right? And besides, no one else is stepping up, and I would like to see all the GP and UGP preserved. I've already snagged GP80u, so we'll see how long it takes me to get through that before I make any kind of commitment to the rest.
  2. If I can get away with just rotating, cropping, and a little cleanup before packing it into a CBR, then that's what I'll do. I'm pretty useless when it comes to subtler stuff like color balance and contrast adjustments.
  3. Hmm... I'm considering trying my hand at editing these. Based on the guide I think I can get by with Paint.NET, but I'm wondering if my artistic sensibilities are probably not up to the task. I had a really hard time seeing the differences in the before and after images in the sample. If there is a more... objective guide to how the saturation, contrast, and color balance should be, it would make it a lot easier for me.
  4. I also would love see Game Players and UGP finished as they're what I remember most fondly.
  5. Hello MajorLag, Welcome to the Retromags Community!