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  1. are there too many sucky modern retro games?

    You know, I couldn't disagree more about the 32-bit era early 3D look. It's probably all nostalgia, but there's something about low-poly, low-res 3D that I think is really neat. Maybe it exists in its own kind of uncanny-valley where the effect is more surreal than disturbing, I don't know. The affine texture mapping I could do without though. Hell, I'd even be up for a modern take on absurdly low-poly flat-shaded EGA era 3D aesthetics. I guess I'm weird like that.
  2. Where should Retromags fill holes first?

    I know I haven't done my part. I downloaded some unedited Game Players and began to do some basic cropping+rotation work, but only got through a little more than a quarter of GP80 (Jan 96). It's not even really hard or all that slow, just tedious. I've actually been thinking of making a quick bit of software to streamline the process, but, well, I've been lazy about it.
  3. I hope so. Besides, the way I figure it, they can always re-edit my results to alter the subtler things right? And besides, no one else is stepping up, and I would like to see all the GP and UGP preserved. I've already snagged GP80u, so we'll see how long it takes me to get through that before I make any kind of commitment to the rest.
  4. If I can get away with just rotating, cropping, and a little cleanup before packing it into a CBR, then that's what I'll do. I'm pretty useless when it comes to subtler stuff like color balance and contrast adjustments.
  5. Hmm... I'm considering trying my hand at editing these. Based on the guide I think I can get by with Paint.NET, but I'm wondering if my artistic sensibilities are probably not up to the task. I had a really hard time seeing the differences in the before and after images in the sample. If there is a more... objective guide to how the saturation, contrast, and color balance should be, it would make it a lot easier for me.
  6. Where should Retromags fill holes first?

    I also would love see Game Players and UGP finished as they're what I remember most fondly.
  7. New Release: Game Buyer Issue 1 (July 1998)

    I agree. As a reader of Game Players and subscriber to UGP, I knew it was all over after the very first issue of Game Buyer.
  8. As another 32 year old, I am consistently finding myself NOT playing games. I read about them, I watch LPs and reviews and whatnot while I work on stuff (incidentally, often game development), but I don't really feel I have time to play them anymore. I look at RPGs, which I remember liking, and thinking "who can play this tedious gridfest bullshit?". I gravitate towards indie games with significantly less time investment required, and even then don't usually bother. Recently I played Glitch Dungeon (featured on Rock-Paper-Shotgun's Freeloaders) because it was the weekend and I had 20 minutes to kill, and felt that it was about as much time as I wanted to put into a game. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind is a teenager who is screaming at me.
  9. Retromags Roadmap for 2016

    You can count me in for seeding a torrent. I can set it up on my NAS, let it run indefinitely. PM when you want to get that set up.
  10. Another one of those Magazine Donation offers

    I'd like to reassure everyone waiting for me to send them mags that I still plan to do so and have just been much more busy than anticipated the last few weeks.
  11. Another one of those Magazine Donation offers

    Sorry if I may have seemed to disappear there for a while. I had to move out of my house briefly while the floors were refinished. Sounds like I'll be sending the Game Pros to E-Day and the requested mags to Sean697. Honestly, I really just want to get rid of these things (Except the UGPs, which I'll keep if no one is going to scan them), so if anyone wants the rest and is willing to pay for shipping then I'll do it.
  12. Another one of those Magazine Donation offers

    Ok, finally found some time to inventory: Computer Games #179 (None listed in database) Electronic Gaming Monthly #112-127,129-164,166-183 Missing from database: 114,116,118,119,125 Game Buyer #1-4 Missing: all Game Informer #145-157 (Not allowed) GamePro #31,99-105,107-121,123-131,133-149 Missing: 123-131,133-141,143-149 Next Gen #47-56, Sept 99 - Aug 2000 Missing: 47-48,50,52-56 (Sept 99 - Aug 2000 not listed) PCGamer Jun 1999 - Feb 2000, May 2000 - Aug 2002 Missing: Jun '99 - Dec 1999 PSM #102 w/ alt cover (Not listed) Tips & Tricks #124 Missing: 124 Ultra Game Players #91-92,98-111 Missing 91-92 (98-11 not listed)
  13. I have a large collection of gaming magazines I'm looking to get rid of after being reminded of how heavy they were during a move. From what I recall it contains GamePro, Game Informer, Game Buyer (all 4 issues), Next Gen, EGM, and UGP. I think. It's been a while, could post more detail if requested.
  14. Hello MajorLag, Welcome to the Retromags Community!