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    GamePro Issue 156 July 2002

    Wrong cover, this is GamePro Issue 166 not GamePro Issue 156 as said in the title
  2. Hello, I love the work done here and all your efforts, so I would like to contribute, even by a small amount, with some suggestions if you may please: Add a collection (Torrent) of files in the Gallery (images) so we can have them in like the magazines, any newly updated or released files after that can be provided via separate update packs like the existing ones, they should be lighter in size than the magazines Add to Strategy Guides, Categories: DoubleJump, Futurepress, Piggyback
  3. Please fix the title: Mega Play Vol.3 No.5 (October 1992)
  4. Name should be: Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games (Volume 1 Issue 02)
  5. This is Volume 6 Number 12 Chronologically: 35 not 54
  6. The correct number for this issue is : 34 Date: November 1993 Magazine chronology: Volume 6 Number 11
  7. Hello Stahn, Welcome to the Retromags Community!