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  1. My was To Gamepro in the end of 1996 ...Wow how did you.....? or is it a joke... right ?
  2. i think baraka obama becouse it looks more..... you know more intimidating with those teeth
  3. I think it was the atari 5200, because the hardware sucks, i mean not even the games that it doesnt have, the control is horrible, the power supply, etc. the phillips Cd-i sucks too it was expensive but the hardware was so so and theres more good games like Space Ace, Dragons Lair I ans II, Some interesting games but bad as hell like Zelda...
  4. True. Nintendo didnt say it was 1:1 but nintendo didnt say it wasnt either good propaganda....
  5. 1. Final Fantasy III 2. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3. Crhono Trigger 4. Super mario World 5. Mario Kart 6. Donkey Kong Country 7. Star fox 8. Super Punch Out 9. Super Mario World 2 10. Earthworm Jim
  6. the n64 is a console that doesnt work if you dont have 1. the legend of zelda Ocarina of time and Majoras Mask 2. Mario Kart 64 3. Mario 64 4. Golden Eye
  7. its not that easy because theres a lot of games in the virtual console but anyway i want a game in the virtual console and it is Super Mario RPG
  8. i like mario kart the most, its cheaper and its fun. GTA is more real and have better graphics, a lot of stuff and missions. but i know a will have more hours of fun with mario kart
  9. the intro is awesome and you can c chunli as the girl of the news...well she looks like chunli
  10. It should be a remake not a port, i gonna c it but i dont gonna buy it
  11. the motion plus technology isnt for Nintendo, so i dont think Nintendo did well with the original wiimote, its cool sometimes but its not like Nintendo promised, the wiimote with the wiimotion plus was that we wanted in the beginning, but now its an add on -______-
  12. uuf to hard. 10 of them: 1. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Super mario 64 4. Castlevania Symphony of the Night 5. Chrono Trigger n Chrono Cross 6. Final Fantasy III 7. Super Street fighter II 8. Contra Hard Corps 9. Panzer Dragon II Zwei 10. Shenmue
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