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  1. Recommended Emulators

    C64 - Winvice MSX - BlueMSX Nes - Nestopia Master System/Gamegear/Megadrive - Kega Fusion Snes - Zsnes... bSnes is actually better but needs a monster pc to run it. Amiga - WinUAE GBA/GB/GBC - VBA Lynx - Handy DC - NullDC PS1 - pSX Arcade - Mame 3D arcade - Zinc *cough* SSF emulates most stuff perfectly and has multithread support.
  2. Best Graphic Card For Retrogaming?

    When it comes to emulation it's more the power of your cpu that matters, not your video card. The fastest video card on earth isn't going to emulate 3d games on mame if your cpu isn't up to it. Best off getting a dual or even quad core cpu, specially for things like saturn and dreamcast emulation... Don't even think about ps2 emulation just yet.
  3. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

  4. What Part Of The World Do You Live?

  5. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Ceasar (canadian cocktail) or Jameson and coke or Jameson/Dry/Lime. mmmmm.
  6. Going To See Transformers!

    I'm one of the few people in the world that didn't like it. I thought the story and dialogue were terrible, too much focus on that annoying kid and his love interest. The transformers didn't even show up untill the movie was half over, and the fight scenes were very poorly filmed, you can barely tell what's going on... ah well i wasn't expecting much from Michael Bay and good thing i didn't have to pay to see it.
  7. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    They're not really, that's just what some idiot is asking for them. If no one pays it then the price will drop...
  8. I never ever read it back in the day but thanks to people scanning and uploading i checked it out recently, bloody hell it's a pretty good mag isnt it
  9. What Weird Gaming Things Do You Have?

    I have a contra 3 jigsaw puzzle somewhere... i think it was given away with CVG or Mean Machines back in the day
  10. Retro Titles - Ones You May Not Have Heard Of.

    Little Samson, Euphoria and Guardian Legend are all pretty cool and not so well known NES games. Also this site has assloads of great obscure super famicom titles - http://www.rvgfanatic.com/301.html Cheers.
  11. Playing Final Fantasy

    I managed to finish FF1 a few years ago on an emulator. Not sure how i did as it's quite tedious to play these days, pretty sure i used the fast forward feature a lot to level up heaps!
  12. Recommended Emulators

    Nestopia is miles ahead of all other nes emu's in terms of compatibility, ease of use and features. As for n64 it's good to have a couple, there're games that work on some emus and not the others so for best compatability you should have 2 or 3 installed just in case. check this out for more info http://bmgcl.emuxhaven.net/n64mgcl/N64ConfigList.htm For snes - zsnes for the win, by far. megadrive - kega fusion (programmed by an ex sega software programmer so you can't go wrong) or gens msx - blue msx c64 - winvice (no zip support .. grrr) pc engine - magic engine saturn - ssf psx - psx 1.6 (no plugins required - hurray)