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Bad Drivers! What pisses you off when driving?

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So today I am coming down my street, which ends in a 3-way with stop signs on each corner. I am about 40-50 feet away from my stop sign. A car that already came to his stop sign is going to turn into the lane running opposite of mine. Now normal people would make such a turn so that they do not impede the opposite lane in any way. This idiot decides to turn sharply and basically use my lane to shave 0.00001 seconds off of his commute. Keep in mind I am using this lane and I have no idea if he is just out of his mind or stupid. I nail my horn and curse him out, why is it so difficult to understand? Both he and I can turn if we keep to our respective sides. This is not Mario Kart Time Trials, that split second is saving you maybe $0.02 worth of gas. He is the red car, the lines are how he is supposed to turn, my car is the blue one.

Used this site if you guys want to chime in with what pisses you off while driving :)

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slow drivers that refuse to stay in the right lane.

anybody that swerves back-and-forth. within their own lane is bad enough, but when they start crossing over the center line it just gets dangerous and i get angry.

people that never look up from their cell phones. what the hell is wrong with you?!?



a friend once told me that he only ever sees me get mad at two games and driving. seems pretty accurate.

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My incomplete list

Morons who cruise in the passing lane of a highway

Morons who don't move over even though no one's around them when you're merging off a ramp onto the highway

Morons who throw cigs out their window in front of me

Morons who ride my ass even though I can't change lanes


There was actually one idiot who was in the middle of a 5 lane highway who was going to miss his exit so he STOPPED in the middle of 5 lanes and slowly crawled over. He's lucky no one smashed into him or was killed...its the only time I kinda wished a semi blew by and wrecked his chit.

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