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  1. Great work on the scans. Seeing that magazine makes me realize how much I miss it :(
  2. Just want to let you guys know I gave retromags a writeup on my blog @ http://consumables.wordpress.com/2009/05/1...-retromags-com/ Keep up the great work!
  3. Kind of annoying how they release yet another $30 addon which is going to further fragment the userbase. Wii was supposed to deliver true 1:1 motion from day one but only now 2 years later do we get it. I'll hold off and see what games support this though again it is going to seriously fragment the userbase as not everyone is going to buy this so now games have to be designed with 2 controllers in mind
  4. wildlele

    Torrent Anyone?

    You forgot about all the torrents I posted to [censor bypass] so quickly :( Type Name Seeders Leechers (Magazines) Club Nintendo Classics - Holiday 1990 (UK) 4 0 (0) (Magazines) EGM Buyers Guide 1993 3 0 (0) (Magazines) Electronic Gaming Monthly 1999 Video Game Buyer's Guide 3 0 (0) (Magazines) GamePro Complete 1996 Issues 78-89 5 0 (0) (Magazines) GamePro Issue 001 May 1989 3 0 (0) (Magazines) Nintendo Power Flash 1988 & 1989 2 0 (0) (Magazines) Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) 1995 Complete 5 0 (0) (Magazines) PSM 1997 Complete (Issues 001-004) 5 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions 014 (Aug-Sep 1993) 4 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions Issue 001 (Jun/Jul 1990) 6 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions Issue 002 (Oct/Nov 1990) 6 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions Issue 003 (Winter 1990-91) 4 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions Issue 006 (Fall 1991) 6 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions Issue 007 (Dec/Jan 1991) 4 0 (0) (Magazines) Sega Visions Issue 017 (Feb/Mar 1994) 4 0 (0)
  5. I'm not a sony guy :( Feel free to make your own though, there must be more then two games you want!
  6. PC Format UK from the early 90s was great too! I wish I didnt throw out all my issues :(
  7. Glad to see the donation dollars are being put to good use Thanks to all involved in putting this out!
  8. This will be my last post on the subject, but if you truly believe you are not breaking any laws downloading scans then so be it Obviously my example is just that.... an example but I see the point did not hit home. At any rate there is no point arguing on the internet like retards. I'll be off playing Mario Kart Wii, speaking of which I need to hook up with meppi and see just how good he is
  9. No way I'm watching that I've got the special edition pre'd (see meppi i do buy games hehe) and will be calling in sick the day amazon ships it to me edit: I watched it haha... Fake, just look at the center of the disc, there's no laser ring at the middle, that just a injet printable.
  10. That is an interesting argument and I've heard it before with respect to people scanning older comics say Superman issue #50 with the logic that DC has already sold it for $0.12 back in the 1940s and got their money. What if DC or EGM for that matter puts out a compilation of their back issues though, well then we certainly would be hurting them. I fully understand what you are saying, but at the end of the day, we are stealing and committing a crime no matter how we try to 'justify' it. Having said that are we raping and murdering people... no we are simply trying to preserve our childhood
  11. Usenet for $0 plus a $0.25 DVD kinda like how we are stealing magazines on here enough splitting hairs, this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love how they have 12 players now, up from 8 in the DS version so when you start off the race it is true chaos. The levels look amazing and are hugely detailed. It took a few races to get used to the steering as I was turning way too much to start. You really only have to turn between 10 and 2 if you imagine the wheel as a clock. Once I am done here I'm off to play more
  12. I'll hedge my bets Nintendo will make another kart game but I get what you are saying and I do purchase some games
  13. lol that was great nah i already have it, why re-buy it?
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