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  1. I have and scanned #5 for that website, but I guess he never put it up. The 1989 Top Score should be considered its own Sendai publication that only lasted one issue. Fun fact: there are two variations, one of the print runs duplicated four of the pages.
  2. I'm pretty sure Jeremy took home the physical issues of EGM (there was only one of each of the Sendai years, and it was missing two issues), but I don't know what he did with them. I'd guess he still has them. I think you're conflating stories: while working at 1UP, I/we sent the Computer Gaming World archive to The Strong. I think I posted here my mental inventory of where all the archives are for old magazines ended up but, really, the short version is they don't exist.
  3. My gates have always been open to come to my house and scan away, but I don't have time to scan magazines myself. This only got scanned because of the holiday break. Actually I originally scanned the undistributed April, 1999 issue of GameFan (only one verified copy in the world right now) without realizing RM had some kinda agreement with Halverson, so I'm posting it somewhere else I guess.
  4. This is the (stupidly rare) precursor to Electronic Gaming Monthly. It has the same staff, same columns, same everything. It ran for four issues before they reset and launched EGM. It's historically important for being the first multiplatform console magazine in United States to launch after the video game crash wiped them all out in the mid-80s (only Fun Club News predates it, and that's Nintendo marketing, not really a magazine). I don't think distribution was very high, I only know of about three copies of this issue existing. I'm missing issue 2, but thankfully Kevin Gifford's copy is at The Strong, so it's accessible.
  5. Is including scans from outside of Retromags within the scope of this? Something akin to a ROM manager for game magazines?
  6. What happens to the GameFan scans if they go out of business again?
  7. There were four. #4 is scanned here, #s 1 and 2 are at the Strong Musem of Play's library in Rochester, and I've got a #3, so at the very least they're all "safe." Stupid rare though.
  8. This is really interesting, because my uncirculated file copy of EGM #1 taken from the magazine's archives did not have that stuff inside!
  9. I've done the hair dryer thing to EGMs with basically perfect results, but it takes a loooong time and your hands get really hot (maybe you can use gloves?). Like arsg said, the hardest part is not pulling the pages out until they're ready. Just pinch them gently and baaaarely pull on them while running the hair dryer up and down the glue, eventually they'll come off by themselves. The other part to look out for is that the glue is going to pool up as you get toward the end, but if you get good at it the glue will just stay on the cover part.
  10. I'm assuming the page scans on Digital Press for VG Illustrated aren't up to Retromags spec? I don't have that issue but I have the one after, it has the same back cover but a different inside-back. Inside-back is an ad for River Raid, wouldn't be surprised if it's in other mags of the time. I have a loose Wave Race 64 poster in my cop of NP #90, I'm assuming it's from that issue. I can scan that.
  11. I believe this is accurate, yes, although my dates are a little different . I can basically guarantee at this point that there is nothing between 1-3 and 2-3, I would have seen them by now. For sanity's sake I always consider that yellow 1-1 as its own one-off, and the "flying guy" 1-1 as the first actual issue of the Game Player's Nintendo Guide series. There are at least two variant covers EACH for the first four, FYI. Sorry for the weird formatting but these are the actual dates for the first few issues, where they exist (either on the cover or on the inside). 1988 1-1 1988 1-2 1988 1-3 1989-08 2-3 1989-10 2-4 1989 2-5 1989 2-6 1990 3-1 1990 3-2 1990 3-3 1990 3-4 1990-10 3-5 1990-11 3-6 1990-12 3-7 1991-01 4-1 1991-02 4-2
  12. I just kinda felt like editing this one, if it doesn't fit your specs I'll upload the raw scan: http://i.imgur.com/sQtKq0Z.jpg
  13. My understanding is that they de-emphasized the word "Nintendo" on the covers because Nintendo threatened to sue.
  14. Cool. I included both covers of Game Player's NG #2 (or at least what the database calls #2, I'd call it #3, but I'll save that for another topic). Don't know how you handle that, but it would be cool to see both covers in the same file. Don't have that issue of EG. I don't go too crazy trying to get the pre-crash mags that are already scanned, and that one's on Digital Press: http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/electronic_games/electronic_games.htm
  15. ...well, hopefully the answer was yes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/em9qmbaddpnnaxu/RetromagsMissingPages.zip
  16. I don't know how many copies went out with Free Sample, I just know why they changed it. This is coming from editor Gail Tilden (who has a hawk-like memory, I'd trust her).
  17. I didn't miss this anywhere, right? We don't yet have a list of missing covers? I'm sure I have a lot of covers the database is missing, but it would be great to have a checklist to reference. Also I really wanna win those Sega Challenge newsletters sooooo bad.
  18. If I scan all these can someone else do the editing?
  19. It's just the first print run, ALL of the free first issues were sent to Fun Club members. They changed the cover quickly because they didn't want people to assume that Nintendo Power, like the Fun Club News, was free. This was a new, premium magazine, and only that first issue was ever going to be free.
  20. That guy PM'd me the same stuff too. I don't know why you're being critical of the sound in the video (?!) but they did some audio recordings of me turning pages separate from the talking, I guess they mixed them together. And I have scanned stuff for the site before, yes, thanks for asking.
  21. http://area5.tv/blog/2014/1/29/outerlands-short-franks-magazine-collection-the-first-super-mario-bros-review Thought some of you would enjoy watching this! If you like what you see, please consider contributing to the series' Kickstarter campaign.
  22. Oh, I actually know the answers for a lot of these, at least in the U.S. Computer Gaming World: We had one copy each of MOST of the issues, missing a few from the 80s (including #1). They were all donated to the Strong Museum of Play. We had no digital archive. EGM: We had at least one copy of each issue minus #8 and #12 in the 1UP office. I don't know what happened to them when 1UP was sold to IGN, since that's after I left; either someone (Jeremy Parish?) took them home or they're still at IGN. We didn't have much more as far as the Sendai/Ziff stuff goes...a complete set of GMR I took home, and a few random things here and there, but no Computer Game Review, EGM2, etc. No digital archive of any of these at all, other than what the layout guys who were still around happened to have on their computers (since wiped, I'm sure). Gamepro: They had at least one of each issue the last time I visited the office. After the magazine died I believe someone took them all home. I didn't see any of the other IDG stuff in their archives, though I believe Kevin Gifford got a good chunk of them when he worked at GamePro way back in the day. Those are all at the Strong now. There's also a digital archive going back to I think 1993 in a friend's possession. He's trying to figure out how to get them out, but keep in mind these aren't like, PDFs, they're layout files with all kinds of incompatibility issues these days. Game Developer: I worked in this office too! We had at least one of each issue going back to the first one in 1994, and TONS of extras of anything post-2000. They swore they packed and moved a complete archive when they moved offices a couple years ago, but last time I was there, no one could locate the ones from the 90s...hope they weren't lost! Again, though, there's a complete archive at the Strong. There might even be two: I think the office sent one over, and then Kevin's complete collection went there too. Game Informer: There's a good chance their archive is complete, given that Andy Mac has been there since day one and as far as I know they've never moved offices. Game Players: A friend of mine took their archive after the mag shut down. It's incomplete. Sadly the uber-rare PC Strategy Guide issues seem to be totally absent from it. VideoGames & Computer Entertainment: The mostly-complete archive was taken home by a former editor.
  23. Those Play Meters went for a steal, I can't believe I missed the auction.
  24. Billboard very briefly had a chart in the 80s along with their record charts, that's probably what you're thinking of? I believe they were provided by the (now defunct) Software Publishers Association.
  25. Not as much nostalgia for GamePro. I won this auction (it looks a bit nicer than my copy) but got immediately refunded, apparently the seller accidentally listed it twice. That other auction you listed with EGM #1 also included was the same seller.
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