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  1. @Liquidd Oh man, I really hope that issue gets uploaded here at some point, I would love to see that artwork!
  2. Hi Liquidd, I heard about RetroMags from an article on either Kotaku or RockPaperShotgun, and love the work they've done and the organizing behind it. You mention being an artist and looking for old PSMs. It just so happens, that was the only mag I ever subscribed to. I recall for a while there they were hiring artists to do their (the artists') own version of game characters and so on for the covers, rather than the somewhat more standard use of official art. I bring it up because I'm curious if that was something that was important to you given your art inclination? Also, great question, hope plenty of others reply as well.
  3. Nothing to really add other than saying what a great question and a great answer!
  4. Sigh, that was supposed to be PSM...
  5. Always excited to see another PMS uploaded! Thanks MigJmz!
  6. Very interesting, had never heard that before either. Curious to see if anyone else has.
  7. Excellent, that will save me a trip, haha!
  8. Looking forward to an update as well as I have all of the missing original PSMs as well that are currently in storage and am looking forward to shipping them where needed so that library can be closer to completed (though I imagine it's not in as much demand as the bigger mags like Nin Power, etc.)
  9. Thank you so much for your response! I'll hang on to them (once I grab them from storage) until after the currently outstanding ones get done and that way I will know what needs to be submitted, etc. Appreciate your help!
  10. Good morning all! I recently came across Retro Mags and find it to be an absolutely amazing project! I fully intend to donate just as soon as my work hours get back to normal (soon hopefully), but in the meantime I was wondering if someone could advise how the back catalog of the PlayStation-specific PSM magazine is? I was so happy to see that the first years' worth of PSM is uploaded as they were the only issues I missed on, and I have the last couple of months of '99 thru whatever year they stopped being PSM and started being PlayStation: The Official Magazine (and about a year of that too) in storage somewhere. If the guys running this site already have those then great and I will eagerly anticipate their eventual scanning (while enjoying the other already uploaded treasures), but if not, I would like to grab them out of storage and donate them for scanning/uploading. I wasn't sure if it was possible to see what their un-scanned inventory is, so if that is somewhere and I missed it then I apologize and wonder if you would point me the right way. Thanks!
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