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  1. I'm not necessarily saying that these are the best NES games *ever*, but they are my favorite 10: Contra Legend of Zelda Bionic COmmando Metroid Super Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers 2 Super Mario Brothers 3 Wizards and Warriors Megaman 3 Tetris
  2. You really don't like New Super Mario Brothers?! That's what I am currently playing and I am really enjoying it. I've also gone back and played Diablo II since I never got around to it the first time. I recommend both games. Oh, and I will agree with Spongeman on the quality of Mario 2. I find that a lot of people who bag on SM 2 are actually criticizing the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 which we got later in the US as the Lost Levels.
  3. I'm a devoted fan of 1UP FM (formerly EGM Live*), GFW Radio, and Retronauts -- all members of the 1Up network. I especially recommend Retronauts (look it up on iTunes or google) to the fans of this website. What video game podcasts do others listen to?
  4. Ask me this same question in a year or two and I might have to trade out the NES for the PS3, but currently my choices would be: PS2 Tony Hawk 4 Final Fantasy X Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Gran Turismo 4 Tekken 5 Soul Calibur II Dragon Quest VIII Guitar Hero II Katamari Damacy Psychonauts Super NES Super Mario World Super Metroid Pilot Wings Mario Kart Super Mario Allstars Legend of Zelda: A Link in Time Final Fantasy II Chrono Trigger Secret of Mana Donkey Kong Country NES Contra Legend of Zelda Bionic COmmando Kid Icarus Baseball Stars Duck Tales Wizards and Warriors Megaman II Tetris Rampage
  5. Baraka is *way* to liberal-touchy-feely to pull of a fatality whereas McCage spent years in a POW camp. Isn't it obvious? Oh, and I'm going to call McCain/Palin in November as well.
  6. It seems shocking that as a high school teacher I would rather give up coffee, but there it is. I'm one of the few, if any, who isn't drinking coffee in the morning at school or during staff meetings.
  7. I'm in the same boat, Spongeman. I've been meaning to subscribe to EGM though, seeing as I listen their podcast every week.
  8. I'm going to have to say that Bale is the best and "Dark Knight" is the best movie. Keaton is a close 2nd as is Batman (1989). I have to move the '89 version of Batman to the #2 spot because, on a recent, post "Dark Knight" viewing of the '89 version I have decided that the fight choreography and special effects of the '89 version have become dated. The art design & cinematography of the '89 version are unsurpassed, even by Dark Knight -- you've got to hand it to Burton. It hurts me to say it but I also actually prefer Ledger's Joker to Jack Nicholson's, even though Nicholson's performance was practically a formative part of my pre-teen and teen years. Is that kind of messed up?
  9. Let me just say that this was the *only* April fools prank of the day that I fell for and it totally ruined my day In fact, it is now 14 hours later and I just now figured it out. Good one!
  10. The Office My Name is Earl 30 Rock Heroes Chuck Lost ...and reruns of NewsRadio and Arrested Development on hulu.com The sight has some problems but it is actually half-way decent.
  11. What is this snow thing of which you speak Here in Southern California we have the decency to keep the snow up in the mountains where it belongs!
  12. Mario Kart (wii) Gran Turismo 5 prologue (PS3) Little Big Planet (PS3) Spore (PC)
  13. As a kid I never had any subscriptions :( I was always the guy reading over the shoulder of my friends and borrowing strategy guides.
  14. The wii is becoming more and more attractive as my next console purchase. I absolutely loved the SNES MarioKart and got far more hours of entertainment out of Mario Kart 64 than I did with Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time.
  15. I'm all over the place. I think a list would be the easiest way to do this: U2 Barenaked Ladies Cowboy Junkies the Decemberists Radiohead Muse the Beatles the Who the Doors Led Zeppelin the Kinks Super Tramp Depeche Mode Dead Can Dance Edie Reader Mana Chemical Brothers Moxy Fruvous Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Gomez Placebo ... etc. etc. etc.
  16. Perudon from Orange County, California. I'm swiftly approaching my third decade in life and I teach Spanish at what was the rival high school when I was in school. I started out gaming on the family CalecoVision. I still remember the saturday that my mom and dad came home from Price Club with a NES and about five games. It was amazing! Two of my brothers and I were hooked. We managed to scrape together enough to buy a SNES during the 16 bit era and our parents bought us a Genesis. My brother and I wasted our hard-earned lawn-mowing money on a Sega CD, and we eventually bought an N64. Currently I am catching up on a lot of PS2 games right now that I didn't get around to the first time around and dreaming of some day owning a PS3.
  17. Ratchet and Clank has nothing on Mario, true, but few things do. That doesn't make Ratchet and Clank bad, though. Both franchises are great but nothing makes me warmer and fuzzier inside than some sweet sweet Mario nostalgia. The new stuff is good too.
  18. Wow, '84! I would have have just been barely old enough to even read that back then. Even so, most of it would have gone over my head probably. My brother and I were playing Smurfs, Burgertime, Ladybug, Donkey Kong and, our favorite, Cosmic Avenger on the Calecovision at the time.
  19. That is pretty funny. It's also funny how, at the same time, there were rumors and even promises along those same lines from Nintendo which never played out. And who would have thunk that the future dominant console (PS1) would rise from the ashes of the SNES CD vaporware.
  20. Any of the Mario games are a sure bet and so is Zelda. Also, I don't think I will ever be able to get the Kid Icarus music out of my head. I just played a few rounds of Herzog Zwei the other day and was reminded of how much I enjoyed the music from that game, too. The intro in particular is great.
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