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  1. That's kinda cool. I just visited it twice but I guess only one visit per day counts.
  2. NeoGeo : NeoRageX Genesis, 32x & Sega CD: Gens NES: Nestopia SNES: ZSNESW N64: Project64 Nintendo DS & GBA: NO$GBA PS1: ePSXe Sega Master System: FreezeSMS Arcade: MAME TurboGrafx 16: PCE
  3. I have played the GTA games as a guilty pleasure and would consider myself something of a fan but I would have to agree that GTA IV did not deserve the 10/10 rating. I think the franchise is headed down the road of stagnation. The main improvement in GTA IV was the graphics. The story took the same twists and turns as previous volumes and seemed vulgar and violent just for the sake of it. Maybe I'm just getting too old to enjoy this sort of game
  4. These are in no particular order: Super Mario Brothers 3 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time PacMan Little Big Planet (I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction) Portal
  5. I'm not even going to try to duck... 1. My Wife 2. My Wife 3. My Wife 4. My Wife 5. My Wife
  6. Joined the grouped, added Phillyman as a friend. Done and done! Thanks.
  7. I've downloaded and played with it a little. It seems a little sparse on features right now compared to my add-on heavy Firefox. The way I figure it, the Google folks will continue to tinker with it and add more features as time goes on. I imagine that it will be pretty cool at some point. Whether it will ever replace Firefox as my default browser remains to be seen.
  8. That's all very international. I've heard that there is some pretty good French rap out there. Any recommendations?
  9. Portal Super Mario World Super Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers 2 Super Mario Brothers 3 That might be it... that's kind of sad I need to to play through more games.
  10. Am I allowed to say "everything"? I didn't actually play this game until last year and I was completely entranced by it. I spent all of my free time (and some that should have been devoted to something else) on this game until I beat it. The music is great, the graphics are great and so is the game play. Awesome.
  11. Bionic Commando is *still* stinkin' hard. I don't think I ever passed Contra without the cheat code. I concur with others who have said that Ghosts and Goblins was hard.
  12. I know that there is a whole, fanatical base of fans who have been clamoring for a Kid Icarus sequel. I don't think that is ever going to happen, nor do I think there is a need for it, but I do think it would be great for Kid Icarus to get the same treatment that Bionic Commando recently got. Wouldn't a Kid Icarus "Reloaded" be great? I would be all over that game. Ditto Spy Hunter.
  13. I live in Southern California. There's got to be an arcade around here... There are a few promising leads, though like ROCKSTAR6000 was saying, I wouldn't be surprised if most of these were filled with expensive games and DDR variations. When I was living up in Utah there was a great nickel arcade in Orem that had all the old games. Most of them were in really good condition and they all cost only a nickel.
  14. Rampage and Golden Axe would be on my list. They weren't necessarily the greatest games but for nostalgic purposes I would have to include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Simpsons. There would also have to be a few of the Metal Slug games represented. My retro section would include Donkey Kong and PacMan I would have Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 5 (and the rumors of Tekken 6 sound promising) Cruising USA and Cruising World would be in my arcade. There was a game I used to play all the time in the arcade in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. I have no idea what it was called but it was a shooter and you controlled a tank with two joysticks. One of the coolest features was that when you pulled the two joysticks away from each other the tank would rear up and shoot a big bomb. Does anyone know what that was called? I would have that game. ------------------------- Just an update... I found the name of the game! It's called "Assault" and it was released in '88. It was probably a few years old when I played it. I think I will try downloading it for MAME, though I don't know if it will be fun without the arcade controls. We'll see. ------------------------- Lastly, I don't know if anyone on the forums ever did any gaming at a place called "Virtual World" back in the mid to late 90's. They had franchises in a few places around the US. Anyway, you sat in this really cool pod with cool controls and could either play Mech deathmatch or race hovering vehicles in narrow martian canals. The racing was so cool that I never actually tried the Mech battle game. I would have the two versions of the Virtual World setup (version 2.0 and "Tesla") with 8 pods for each.
  15. The Retronauts podcast (1up Network) just did an episode about the Dreamcast and I would love to buy one. Ebay is the obvious source for one and it sounds like a lot of people who have posted to this thread have bought from there. Are there any recommendations of other sources for Dreamcast hardware & games? I should have just bought my brother's when he sold it, but I wasn't interested at the time. Darn! I think I would be interested in a Saturn too. I've seen a few prices quoted in this thread too. What do you think would be a decent price to pay of a Dreamcast? How about the Saturn?
  16. Yeah, Dragon Quest VIII is a quality game. I'm actually playing through it right now. I'm trying to get in to the Dark Cloud games too but am not quite there yet. I didn't play FFI but I remember being completely blown away by FF II. That was my first roll playing game. I've also played FF X and mean to play FF XII at some point. FF XIII looks like it could be pretty cool. Any idea on whether Dragon Quest/Warrior has anything coming out on current gen?
  17. I know it's already been mentioned but I'll second (third?) 50 cent and Bulletproof.
  18. I played and beat the game while visiting a friend out of state this summer. Great game! I love the subversive humor, the great physics system, and the simple game play. Also, the song at the end is awesome!
  19. My favorite retro console is by far the SNES though I also have a soft spot for the Genesis (you have to love that 16-bit era) and the NES. I think I would probably be really in to the Dreamcast also but I completely missed out on it. I was living in another country when it came out and not playing video games at the time. By the time I got back it was defunct. I need to save my nickels and dimes and get one on ebay, I guess.
  20. My problem isn't that I sold all of my old games but rather that the communal game systems that we all shared among 5 brothers ended up being claimed by younger siblings. The only thing I ended up with were a Mario Paint cart and the SNES mouse. I guess this is the danger of being the first to leave the nest.
  21. Man, cartridges have their benefits but I think there are so many things about them that make them completely impractical in this day and age with the exception of mobile gaming. The price of solid state memory *is* coming down, but it is still too expensive at the sizes you would need for current generation consoles. Now just imagine the games that are going to actually take up a decent amount of the capacity of a Blu-ray disc (or multiple DVD's for the XBox 360) and you're talking about a lot of memory. Discs are so much cheaper to produce and I think profit margins speak louder to console and game manufacturers than do the complaints about loading times. Also, if the price of solid state memory did come down to a level where carts were feasible we would probably get little cards a la Turbografx 16 rather than chunky carts. Big, fat Neo-Geo sized carts would be really awesome, though. One thing that really could appeal to the console & game manufacturers, though, is that with solid state carts you can make proprietary soft-/hardware that makes pirating harder (although the modding community has gotten pretty sophisticated). Carts could contain dongles like a lot of upscale computer programs require... That would be interesting.
  22. I was born in '78 and played Atari 2600 and Colecovision before NES hit the US.
  23. Yeah, Retronauts is really great. Apart from talking about the topic of the episode they also devote time to updates on retro games coming out on Virtual Console and Xbox Live. Jeremy Parish and his guests really know their stuff about the history of gaming and I learn something pretty much every episode. Also, I have gone back and played a lot of games that I missed out on the first time based on their discussions.
  24. Awesome! I am all over that site. Thanks for the heads up.
  25. I've got to say that CD-i was the worst for the outrageous price, terrible controller, and the blight on Zelda's past that is the two CD-i Zelda games. The margin is so small though. All of those on the list were an egregious waste of gamers' money.
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