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  1. RIP GFW radio. I am totally going to miss Jeff and Shawn Eliott. Hopefully Jeremy Parish doesn't have any ideas about leaving...
  2. To be honest with you I was disappointed with both the new Mario Kart and GTA IV. Mario Kart especially did not live up to my expectations. I really dislike playing the game with the Wii remote.
  3. I have noticed that Micro Center has refurbished XBox360's for $179.99 That gets you the SKU with the 20gig hard drive. It's cheaper than the Arcade system (which in my opinion isn't worth crap) so I might have to go pick one up.
  4. Really? MC Kids? The game seemed kind of shallow to me. Also, I can't *stand* the ads for that game! The one's with the "looked how cool and rad I am" picture of the guy who "invented" the game. Apparently he doesn't have a lot of time because he has to get back to playing MC Kids. To each his/her own though. That's only my opinion. How about Herzog Zwei? Any fans of the game out there? I was obsessed with this game in middle school and still play it emulated every once and a while. I even still own the cart, though it is currently in my brother's possession.
  5. Gamewitzer, thanks for posting the cover art. I think that just shows how much the developers "get" the appeal of retro and it bodes well for the quality of the game. I'm really excited for this one. I wish some of the other classic game series could get this same sort of treatment.
  6. Already I am rethinking my list. I never played Faceball for Game Boy but I did love the SNES version. I also forgot Mario Kart, which I love in pretty much all of its incarnations from SNES up through the Wii. And who can forget GoldenEye?!
  7. I think I am in agreement with you on that. While you collect and/or purchase items and their is a system of character upgrades you don't have the stats and points (hit, magic, etc) of a proper RPG. I did want to give a shout out to Zelda though. It's one of the games my parents bought us with the console and it holds a special place in my heart. I remember asking a friend at school about tips on the game. She knew the answers because her dad had beat the game already.
  8. What are your top 10 multi-player games? I'm not saying that these are the absolute best, but their my favorite (in no particular order) * Super Dodge Ball (NES) * Tony Hawk 3 (PS2) * Halo 3 (XBox360) * Super Monkey Ball (GameCube) * Wii Sports (Wii) - yeah, I know, an affront to hard-core gaming, but it's fun! * Street Fighter II - (SNES) - in all it's variations * Tekken Tag Team - (PS2) * Call of Duty 4 (XBox360) * Doom (PC) - original deathmatch action! It wins for the nostalgia factor * Herzog Zwei (Genesis) - Have you heard of this one? It is the first RTS game (predating Dune) and an overlooked gem from the early days of Genesis. This is an AMAZING game.
  9. OK, yeah, I have to admit that I actually kind of like Thrill Kill. I need to feign a little moral outrage, though. You know, just to maintain my upstanding image and all. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about E.T. Not only did that and the Atari port of PacMan completely suck, but they also nearly put the final nail in the coffin of the videogame industry. Where it not for Nintendo saving the industry a few years later, we would all have had to find some other hobby.
  10. I'm thinking about voting Libertarian this time. Not to sound cynical, but my vote isn't going to count for much anyway. I live in California and its pretty much a given that the CA electoral college votes will go to Obama
  11. There is some debate as to whether Legend of Zelda is a RPG and I kind of lean towards those who say it isn't. However, if you do think it is a RPG then Zelda is my first. If not, Final Fantasy IV is the first RPG I played. At the time I played it they were still calling the US release "Final Fantasy II". I had a friend tell me about how great the game was during gym class one day and I rented it the next time my mom took me to the video store. How I miss the days when I could rent a game for $1...
  12. Yup, I would definitely go for the red one. It would be really cool if it made little space invader noises too. You would want to be able to turn that off, though.
  13. What is the worst game you have ever played? Did anyone ever play those Wisdom Tree bible-themed games for NES? I played one or two of them at friends house back when I was a wee lad and they were pretty bad. I'd have to say that Thrill Kill was pretty bad too. Yeah, I know that it wasn't ever released and the version that is floating around out there was still in developement, but still, it's pretty bad in every way. I would also have to say that nearly all of the Sega CD games that I have ever played were pretty bad. I can't believe I wasted my hard-earned lawn mowing money on that system.
  14. Tustin, California. I'm on the Map!
  15. I am totally in agreement. Thank you so much for this site. It is an amazing resource to those who love Retro gaming. I honestly don't know of any other readily accessible source of so many different gaming publications and so many years of each. Thank you Retromags!!
  16. Do you remember how everyone used to have their own special way of getting those troublesome NES cartridges to work on the orginal front-loading NES model? Do you remember what your trick was? Mine was to blow air across the bottom slot twice, put it in the console, push it up and down in the console a couple of times, remove, blow twice, put the cartridge in again, and let 'er go. I had a friend who only partially pushed the cartridge down into the machine and then lodged a Styrofoam cup in to kep the cartridge down. Weirdo...
  17. Super Mario Brothers SMB 2 SMB 3 Super Mario World Mario 64 In that order. Give me a day or two more (depending on when I get some free time) and I'll add New Super Mario Brothers to that list.
  18. My brother always dominated us on SF 2 and most of the other two-player games on the SNES. The one game that I dominated at was Faceball. I don't think that game would stand up to the test of time now, but back in the day it was pretty cool. It was pretty much the first FPS. After a while no one wanted to play with me because I was unbeatable. I can't say the same thing about future FPS's though.
  19. Thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out. I didn't have an Amiga so I couldn't tell you anything about it but I look forward to learning about it in Ep. 2.
  20. I have played the heck out of the Tony Hawk games. The franchise at this point has run out of steam but I still go back every once and a while and play through TH2, TH3, or TH4. I'm also a huge fan of Super Mario Brothers, SMB 2, SMB 3, Super Mario World, and Mario 64. Though I haven't played it in years, I was also a huge Doom fan back in the day. My friends and I used to deathmatch every day after high school. Good times.
  21. #1 Chrono Trigger #2 Street Fighter II Turbo #3 Super Mario World #4 Super Metroid #5 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island #6 Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past #7 Final Fantasy III #8 Donkey Kong Country #9 Mario Kart #10 Star Fox
  22. I've read some reviews but haven't really talked to any "real" people about the quality of gaming on the iPhone. What does everyone think about gaming on the iPhone? Is the iPhone ever going to give Nintendo a run for its money in the Mobile arena?
  23. Network interactivity seems to be making a rise with titles like Spore and Little Big Planet. I would love to see the birth of a new genre but I'm not sure what that genre could even be. An RPG renaissance would be really cool. I think there is some renewed interest in platformers with games like Portal and Bionic Commando. Who knows, we might even see some more 2D fighters coming out if Street Fighter 4 has a decent amount of impact. I think retro is very in right now and that is going to lead to a revision and improvement of old genres.
  24. Something Awful did a review of Treasure Master on the site. If you hate the game as much as everyone else, you might enjoy the review: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/rom-pit/treasure-master.php The skateboard kid on the cover of this game is everything I ever wanted to be back then. That's kind of embarrassing.
  25. Sounds like an easy $50 as long as you don't get caught. Plus, you get to take care of a physical necessity as well. On the other hand, if I was on the receiving end of this prank I might seek vengeance with ex-lax or a dog bite to the rear end.
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