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  1. Add Banjo Kazooie & Pilotwings 64 to that list
  2. Hi everyone, Finished scanning another episode of this magazine ..... April 1987 Issue 25 is now available via Rapidshare for those interested in the 8bit gaming days ..... http://rapidshare.com/files/136448705/Comp...ue_25_.cbr.html Enjoy!!! UPDATE: Well ..... as I have no way of obtaining the missing issues of these magazines I pulled down issue 01 from World of Speccy, adjusted the contrast,resized the images and compiled the issue into one I can certainlylive with. I have uploaded it to Rapidshare in case anyone else wants it barring finding a good print copy somewhere. The issue is and the linky link for the mag is..... http://rapidshare.com/files/136484680/Comp...ue_01_.cbr.html UPDATE. Phillyman has told me how to get these up online so expect it on the site shortly.
  3. Okay ..... another day see's another magazine scanned and ready to be added to the collection. This time it's ... June 1986 No 15 cleaned up etc etc. Rapidshare link as I dont have any other way of making it available at present is .... http://rapidshare.com/files/135795405/Comp...ue_15_.cbr.html Enjoy!!! UPDATE: I pulled the first page of Issue 1 off the World of Speccy site as I dont have this issue and wanted to see if they were worth editing. Here is the result ... Compare that to the original and let me know if it is worth pursuing this avenue for those 10 issues I dont have. We could use those along with my scanned issues to create a complete collection as it appears only 27 issues were made. If you think it worthwhile I'll email the site admin and ask if they object ....and we can provide their site with much better issues as a bonus so everyone wins.
  4. In New Zealand the current price for unleaded regular equivalent is just over $2.00NZ per LITRE. At 4.5 litres per gallon that comes out at $9.00+ per gallon.
  5. Actually .... what I am building is this .... http://www.arcadeflyers.com/?page=flyer&am...030ℑ=1 .... except I am altering it slightly to accomodate a 19" LCD monitor instead of the 12" tube they came with as standard. As the arcade monitors are 15khtz I am using a RGBS to VGA convertor to upscale video to 31khtz necessary for the LCD monitor. The cabinet will be wired with a JAMMA harness to enable connection of arcade game pcbs but I am also looking at wiring a J-PAC in for plugging a MAME PC in as well. That way I can use it with any emulators I choose should I want to play SNES Super Mario Allstars with a proper Joystick. Best of both worlds methinks. Everything has been bought and I have created the template ready to cut the cabinet out of MDF. Just got to get it around to a mate who is a cabinet maker who will cut it all out. Was thinking of photographing the build for prosperity so if theres any interest....
  6. I'm a really ancient gamer from the days of Atari 800/Amstrad CPC. Until last year I still owned Atari 800XL Atari ST x 2 Amiga 1200 Amiga 500 x 2 Acorn A3000 Sega Megadrive + CD Sony PSX Sega Dreamcast x 3 SNES N64 .... but I gave them away as the wifey didn't like being unable to walk around in the spare bedroom. Now I only have Wii PSP NDS 5 Windows PC's I have 2 children and reside in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently my chief hobby is arcade machines. Bought and sold a few but am currently building a brand new one from scratch which is keeping me broke at the present time.
  7. Well .... I have a truckload of Amiga Format and Amiga World magazines .... LOL Seriously though ... I'll continue to get the Computer Gamers scanned and looking like new seeing as they are the oldest mags I have and some are showing their age now so the sooner I do it the less work will be required.
  8. Loved the N64 but I have to say the video output on that console was quite crappy in comparison to the PSX etc. Has a certain lack of crispness. Great games on it though..... Mario 64, Waverace 64, Mario Kart 64, Banjo Kazooie .... ahh the memories. I have to say though .... I do prefer playing Mario 64 on the Wii. Stunning. If you are buying n64 carts check out www.thecoverproject.net website. You can buy plastic boxes that store the carts/manuals very nicely and apart from 2 covers I have yet to edit/create we have covers for every USA N64 game ever made should you want them to look good on the shelf I think I personally contributed nearly 200 covers by scanning my PAL & USA collection of carts. Took a while .... thought I wouldn't be doing any further scanning .... then I found this site. Hehehe
  9. Oh Man!!! I checked [censor bypass] and a couple of other mag sites and Computer Gamer wasn't on the radar so thought they weren't available anywhere. Hence deciding to put the time into making them available. I cleaned up the cover a whole heap removing scratches etc and getting all pages rotated and corrected for page fold etc so the end result I feel does the magazine a tad bit more justice than the ones on World of Speccy site. I will continue to work through the ones I have but maybe for the ones I am missing we could look at compiling them from the other site? Thoughts? They are essentially just raw scans after all. I'd have to apply the same amount of effort cleaning those up but at least we'd get the complete collection.
  10. Wow!!! No comments on quality etc or whether anyone even downloaded and checked it out. These old magazines obviously dont interest anyone so that is/was my last one considering the amount of work involved getting it scanned/cleaned up etc.
  11. I remember the first time I saw Retro Gamer magazine on the newstand in New Zealand and thought FANTASTIC!! Then I saw the price ... an astronomical $35 [approx 12GBP] and sadly put it back on the shelf as the price was just too steep. When you live on the other side of the side it was an opportunity to charge for the more esoteric mags like these as they only imported a few so it made the unit price wickedly expensive. I recently got the 30 first mags off another site in PDF format and have to say that if the DVD for sale included the contents of the cover CD's then it represents great value in comparison to the original print copies and I'd happily buy it. If anyone here has the DVD can they tell me if the free cd materials are also included? I have the feeling though that isn't the case which seriously diminishes its value as a purchase.
  12. Oki-dokey... I have commenced scanning one of the issues. As these are 20+ years old and printed on the news print type paper of the day they have aged as you'd expect of that type of paper and the covers do show shelf wear. As a result I am doing a fair bit of image processing work on the pages as I scan them. I also have done a lot of extra work cleaning up the wear marks on the cover to get it looking as close as possible to mint. Due to this I am guessing it will take a few days per magazine barring the wifey beating me up for spending too much time in front of the PC The sad thing is I had a heap more of these at one stage and threw them out along with a huge Penthouse/Playboy collection when I got married. These somehow missed the great cull ... rather fortuitously. Really kicking myself as I also had the first dozen original issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland in mint condition which are now worth a small fortune. Sigh!!!! I was/still am a huge Amstrad CPC and Atari 800 fan. I also had a C-64 and a C-128 but just never really got into them as much as the other 2. The Amiga's and Atari ST's I had were also nice but there was something special about the 8-bit era for me. UPDATE. I have completed scanning & cleaning up one of the issues. First up is ... Dec 1986 Issue with reviews of Sentinel, The Pawn, Academy [sequel to Tau Ceti] and lots more interesting stuff for the 8-bit machines..... Where can I upload the 71mb .cbr file to? Ok ... uploaded to Rapidshare http://rapidshare.com/files/134214322/Comp...ue_21_.cbr.html
  13. Approximately 90 pages with reviews largely of the 8-bit machines of the day. They included type in proggies for C64 etc. I think the Amiga/ST were only just starting to appear at this time. All told I have 16 issues sitting on my shelf .... 1985 - May, Jul, Aug-Dec 1986 - Jan-Jun, Oct, Dec 1987 - Apr
  14. Hi Guys, Having just joined I am still finding my way around the site but thought I'd find out if there was any interest for some of these old English magazines. I have quite a pile of these. As you can see they're a tad old. Anyways .... if there's any interest I'll get onto scanning and cleaning them up and so on. If they're old news I'll throw them back on the shelf and look for something else that might be useful. Cheers .......
  15. From memory when I got my Dreamcast I think I was told to make sure it had a manufacturing date earlier than Sept 2001? to guarantee you could play backups. Not sure about those new Dreamcasts for sale on EBAY as I was thinking of getting one too but the seller wouldn't answer questions on the manufacturing date. Considering the box has a window where you can look inside and see the date without having to open it up one wonders what he was hiding? I do know that there were lots of complaints over the black SEGA Sports edition DC's as they won't play copies and to avoid those. Hope that helps! Unless you want to play originals in which case anything goes
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