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  1. One thing. WHY IS SUPER MARIO RPG NOT ON THERE!?!?!?! Honstly I love RPG so why is it not on VC? its a great game so why is it not on there?? Anyway back to me. I have Dr Mario (well WiiWare but whatever), A Link to the Past, some Pokemon game that my brother downloaded, Crusin USA and Mario Kart 64.
  2. We have SNES so now heres NES. Im not sure if we already have a topic like this but heres mine 1. Super Mario Bros. 3 2. The Legend of Zelda 3. Contra 4. Metroid 5. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 6. Super Mario Bros. 7. TMNT 8. Super Mario Bros. 2 9. Kid Icarus 10. Mega Man II
  3. 1) Super Mario World 2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past 3) Super Metroid 4) Street Fighter II 5) Super Mario Kart 6) Super Mario World II: Yoshi's Island 7) Star Fox 8) Super Mario RPG 9) Super Mario All Stars 10) F-Zero
  4. Its a Sony rep so it doesnt really count. But how can someone bash "Mario Galaxy". Its probably the greatest Mario game... ever. Well, IMO Mario 3 is but Galaxy is pretty darn amazing.
  5. Hope this isnt out-dated but in my opinion, save your money and wait for new games that are coming out or some old SNES games. Im not really a fan of Sega systems except for the Genesis which is amazing. The Dreamcast is good but I wouldn't buy it. Im a Nintendo fan boy not a Sega one but if your a Sega one go out and get it. I had one and I didnt really like the game selection on it so I sold it. Its a good system and some of the games are good (Dead or Alive 2, GTA II, Rayman II, Resident Evil II, Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure I and II) but other than that I would save my money.
  6. Maybe that should be a game on WiiWare. Super NIntendo Mario Galaxy
  7. I LOVE Mario Kart. Im satisfied with Mario Kart Wii right now but I think Nintendo should release some Downloadable Content like new tracks and new characters.
  8. It looks awesome but id rather save my money and get some SNES games,
  9. This looks like GOW for Wii in my opinion. Im a bit upset that it will only be on Wii and that it will be released next year. Plus they're was nothing on it at E3.
  10. I was surprised there was no thread for this. This game looks AMAZING! Anyone that has an Xbox 360 has to get this game when it comes out. I am a HUGE fan of GOW 1 and when I saw this at E3 I went crazy! Next to Fallout 3 this looks like game of the year easily. It looks like the original game but 10 levels higher
  11. I don't believe in selling game consoles/games. Im going to keep my Xbox, Xbox 360, NES, SNES, Gamecube, Wii, DS, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP for a loooong time. Same with the games.
  12. Those are some cool dudes But the ones calling NIntendo Power are the best.
  13. I own a PS1 and all of the games on it's library aren't that great at all. Blasto, which I think was the launch game is the closest to actually being good. If you have any good games on the PS1, post here.
  14. Hi. I'm Adam. I'm 12. I live in Ontario. I own a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, GBA, GBA SP, NDS and a Playstation 1. I really like Nintendo Power too.
  15. Keaton. Bale. West. Kilmer. Clooney.
  16. I own all of those. But im suprised about Halo! I got it on launch day in 2004. Is it really hard to find now or something?
  17. Ive never had one. I have subscribed to a Magazine called "The Magazine" which is a terrible magazine now, its plastered with Disney stuff but, I buy my magazines from the stores, so I try to keep with Xbox magazine, or Nintendo Power but im too lazy to pay up front to get a subscription.
  18. 9.5. It was a very good game but did have some flaws and some of the stuff should have been taken out so that younger gamers like me can play them without parents nagging them like crazy.
  19. I like it better, because when you move the system with the game in there, it doesnt break or scratch or anything. But when I move my Xbox, the game gets scratched and ruined. And if I play with the disc, it gets ruined and if I play with the cartridge its fine. So yeah, cartridges are better because, they hold up longer.
  20. My brother got Mario Kart DS two days ago. Ive played with him on Wi-Fi and its actually really fun. I though it would be hard and akward but no its not. The reason I like Retro gaming better is because its not soo expensive and, to tell you the truth, I dont have the money to buy $60 games like Madden 09 (which I really want) or GTA IV. And then when I go into a store, they have an amazing game like Metroid for $20 or even less if the sticker is ripped or something like that, I got Super Mario 2 for $15 instead of $20 because the label on the top was ripped to "Bros. 2".
  21. I was born a year before the N64 era. And the funny thing is, I own all the systems before the N64 and after the N64 but I don't own that N64 and thats when I was born
  22. Again, I would have liked to see something more exciting at the end of the Xbox conference at E3 than that. But then again, I don't like Final Fantasy or any kind of Japanese/Anime/"Beautiful Death" games. Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Wii Music, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour. Fallout 3 looks like the new Bioshock for me. And Bioshock just happens to be my favourite game of all time.
  23. Super Mario Bros 2. Whoever says its terrible is terrible. At least its a better Mario game than this Which is actually an alright game.
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