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  1. 1.Super Mario 64 2.Rayman 2 3.Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 4.Banjo Kazooie 5.Golden Eye 6.Paper Mario 7.Mario Kart 64 8.Perfect Dark 9.Mortal Kombat Trilogy 10.Donkey Kong 64
  2. i give it a 10 -great graphics-it looks almost like a pixar movie! -great gameplay-it was like nothing i had ever played before -its mario!
  3. Finally a Megaman game the way it should be.I cant wait.
  4. Battletoads is very tough.I never got past it
  5. Battletoads is very tough.I never got past it
  6. That was really good.I hope they make another 2D Mario game.
  7. Super Mario Bros 3 - is probably the game i played the most.I loved this game as a kid and sometimes i still play it.
  8. 1.Super Mario Bros 3 2.Super Mario Bros 3.Contra 4.Punch-out 5.Mega Man 2 6.Castlevania 3 7.Metroid 8.TMNT 2 9.Battletoads 10.Batman
  9. For me its either the NES or the Sega Mega Drive
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