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  • 1 year later...

I also reported this a while back, but there are bigger problems that have gone unsolved for even longer, so I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

And anyway, in my opinion, the vote button was a fun idea, but it honestly doesn't really accomplish anything.  I could (theoretically) log in under a million different aliases on a million different networks and vote for some old issue of PC Gamer or whatever, but that wouldn't actually bring it any closer to being scanned.

And unless I'm missing some link hidden away somewhere, there's no way for anyone but Phillyman to see a list of what's been voted on, anyway.

Scanning a mag is a process that necessitates 3 things:

  1. Owning the magazine to be scanned
  2. Destroying the magazine so that it can be scanned
  3. Devoting hours and hours to the process of debinding/scanning/editing

As such, it isn't a process that really lend itself to taking requests, since it isn't something as quick and easy as simply uploading a file and posting a link.

The only way I can think of to improve your chances of seeing a mag scanned (short of doing it yourself) is to donate the mag you want scanned to someone who is willing to scan it for you.  Most scanners will give priority to mags that have been donated for scanning over mags from their personal collections.  But even that isn't a guarantee, as sometimes the scanner can be overloaded with donations they don't have time to scan.

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I saw that Incite #1 was "Acquired" and I mistakenly thought Computer Gaming World #181 was also "Acquired!" In that regard, voting on "Acquired" magazines could help in prioritizing which ones to scan first. Otherwise, yeah, I agree...voting on "Missing" magazines just seems futile (although I do have Computer Gaming World #181 in the black hole of storage at my parents' house).


In a perfect world, I'd be flippin' through some old 90s issues of Diehard GameFan too, but...that's not likely to happen, since I can never find those mags for sale, nor are they even allowed on this site! Oh well, can't be greedy...

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23 minutes ago, tearatherflesh said:

I saw that Incite #1 was "Acquired" and I mistakenly thought Computer Gaming World #181 was also "Acquired!" In that regard, voting on "Acquired" magazines could help in prioritizing which ones to scan first.

Oh, and regarding the whole "acquired" mess...

In theory, you're correct.  Unfortunately, in the case of that issue of Incite, for example, it was marked "acquired" by marktrade, a former scanner who has since left the hobby for good.  So the "acquired" label doesn't actually mean anything.  Someone at some time marked it thus, but that doesn't necessarily mean that whoever marked it has any intention of scanning it.  Likewise, many people who DO scan mags (including myself) don't actually mark the stuff they own (I don't want to give people the false impression that stuff I've marked will be scanned any time soon, if ever).

And again, even if I DID mark all my mags as "acquired" and you were to vote on them, I'd have no way of checking which ones received votes short of clicking on every single issue individually in the database.  So, not really all that useful, to be honest.

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