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  1. Though apparently planned as a Famicom title, Warroid was never released on the Famicom. The only published version appeared on the MSX (which is where the screenshots in this ad come from).
  2. Cosmo Genesis (コズモジェネシス, released in the USA as Star Voyager) Developer & Publisher: ASCII Entertainment Release: December 23, 1986
  3. Castle Excellent (キャッスルエクセレント , released in the USA as Castlequest) Developer & Publisher: ASCII Entertainment Release: November 28, 1986
  4. Strategy guides for: Ghosts 'n Goblins Super Mario Bros. Pac-Land Mach Rider Twinbee Portopia Spelunker
  5. Ad for computer gaming magazine Technopolis
  6. Dragon Quest (ドラゴンクエスト , released in the USA as Dragon Warrior) Developer: ChunSoft Publisher: Enix Corporation Release: May 27, 1986
  7. kitsunebi

    B-Wings (Japan) (June 1986)

    B-Wings (B-ウイング) Developer/Publisher: Data East Release: June 3, 1986 *updated ad includes release date
  8. kitsunebi

    Bird Week (Japan) (June 1986)

    Bird Week (バード・ウィーク) Developer: Lenar Publisher: Toshiba EMI Release: June 3, 1986
  9. This (now defunct?) popcorn company was apparently giving away 50 Famicom games per month for a year
  10. kitsunebi

    Spelunker (Japan) (June 1986)

    Spelunker was developed by Micro Graphic Image and published by Irem for the Famicom on December 7, 1985. *This variation of the ad announces Irem's upcoming 4th Famicom game, though it's title is not given (it would be Sqoon)
  11. Ad for a promotional version of Konami's Gradius created as a tie-in with instant noodle brand Archimendes. 4000 winners would receive the game, which was essentially the same as regular Gradius but with the powerup item graphic replaced by boxes of instant noodles.
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