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  1. Well off the top of my head I guess it would be Rainbow Islands and Micro Machines. I might have some better ones but I can't remember and all my games are packed away at the moment.
  2. There is a really rad arcade in Portland, Or that I goto whenever I can. Its full of classic arcade games and pins and the best part is after 7pm its 21 and over and they serve beer and wine. Check out their website below. Also there is a nickel arcade called wunderland that I visit every once in a while, also in Portland, OR. http://www.groundkontrol.com/
  3. Super Mario Bros 1. I never had the patience until recently to beat it.
  4. Nice Collection, really clean. I wish I could have my Video Game stuff in the house but the wife won't allow it until we get a bigger place.
  5. Well right now my arcade has the following games: Super Mario Bros. (in a Pacman Cabinet) Contra Hang-On (x2) and a MAME Machine But I would like to add someday: DDR Simpsons Street Fighter 2 Panic Park (look it up its crazy japanese fun) Star Wars
  6. I'd get either a SegaCD or a 2600. If you look around you could pick up a 2600 with a bunch of games for really cheap. Every 2600 I've bought has included at least 10 games for under $15. The SegaCD did have a quite a few decent games and some others that just make you laugh, definitely worth it.
  7. I have to agree with everyone else, get a Dreamcast you won't regret it. I have a few with quite a few of the accessories and its just about my favorite console. If you are an arcade fan try to pick up a least one of the Dreamcast arcade sticks, they are great.
  8. Thats really cool. I was always disappointed there wasn't more Mario games released on the SNES. With Wii's Virtual Console games it would be a perfect opportunity to create a new 2D Mario game.
  9. One of the hardest NES games I've ever played is Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan. Its not a US release but its pretty hard.
  10. How bout the Penn and Teller Game for SegaCD? I know it was never released but it was pretty horrible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penn_&_Te...oke_and_Mirrors
  11. That would have to be Super Mario World. I've missed out on a lot of other really great games, but sadly I don't have much time for games anymore.
  12. My Top 5: Jet Grind Radio House of the Dead 2 Crazy Taxi Soul Calibur Rival Schools I need to break out the dreamcast again.
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