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  1. AWSOME !!! .. Will you convert them from PDF to CBZ ?
  2. Here it is ! his first public talk show... Russians own Lets Talk!

  3. Thank YOU Kiwi for provideing these first before anyone. Always appreciate people that preserve these. I downloaded this and all of your Gamepros last year. I'm glad E-day is re-editing to make them look nice In Cbr format. Can't wait to have the feature turned on, we're this website will tell us and provide were the magazines are stored From a different site.
  4. Awsome!! Thank you E-day (and I'm not a fan boy - Kiwi) Kiwi, I downloaded all of your Gamepros from your website long time ago so thank you so very much as your work is ALWAYS appreciated here.
  5. Here you go better quality!! KEN BONE vs. HILLARY CLINTON Dance off

  6. E-Day why do I love you so much ??!?!?!?!! :D
  7. High school is definitely over, because Luke Perry turns 50 today! Was Dylan your favorite West Beverly student? #BeverlyHills90210 #WestBev #DylanMcKay

  8. The time of my life!

  9. Now that's a mic drop..

  10. I don't nitpick, I'm greatful just to get these magazine preserved. Anything specific you want me to pay attention too?
  11. Sean697!!!! Words alone can't thank you enough for this. Wow EGM + supplements, so greatful for people like you for making this website the best place on the Internet.
  12. Yess !! I subscribed to this and it ended with issue #4. Game Players and Ultra Game Players was the BEST 3rd magazine after GamePro and EGM. man I miss those days. Thank you guys so much for preserving it .
  13. AMAZING !!!!!!!! LOVE VG&CE !!. Thank you so much for your hard work and time.
  14. Dam, Retromags is the BEST dam site in the WORLD ! this is just great. Thank you guys so much
  15. There is only one.. #GVLifestyle #RILifestyle

  16. Wow, I been wating a looong time for this issue. My very first store bought copy when I was in Jr. HIGH. man so many memories, the upcoming snes, Mario 4. Sean697 you rock my world!
  17. YESS !!!!!!!!!!!!! So true !

  18. Seal is awsome , I cried at tne end.

  19. Can anyone tell me how many SUPER NES Buyers Guide did EGM release ? ..and do we have almost a complete set ? E-Day / Paul guys are the BEST !!!! much love for this .
  20. you guys are on FIRE ! . cant thank you enough for PC GAMER
  21. WOWOWO !! a BIG thank you guys ! I had my very first PC subscription to PC Gamer ! this brings back so many memories of wating in line to get windows 95 while reading this magazine. wow, Any more PC Gamer magazines coming up ?
  22. Summer just got HOTTER ! thank you guys for preserving this
  23. Dam, what a great song for working out.

  24. Give me a Compliment or a Thumbs UP for this song!!