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  1. SWIMMING IN THE AIR #gvlifestyle

  2. ENJOY by Gianluca Vacchi #GVlifestyle

  3. Unedited version is the best! #GVlifestyle

  4. Gianluca Vacchi is the man !

  5. Wow, who knew Hillary was a robot!

  6. Wish granted: Six-year-old boy is garbage man for a day

  7. Not all superheros wear capes..

  8. Dam the early 90's .. all the magazines were obsessed with SF 2 ! .. thank you again for this EGM spin off
  9. Another slice of my childhood, thank you so much ! I remember getting this issue in the mail during the summer of 93 . Happy Summer everyone
  10. Lol, the glass is always clean from were I'm standing
  11. Then I stand correctly ...E-Day YOU ARE MY HERO on this amazing website, can't thank you enough
  12. WOW, I remember getting these in the mail, so much good memories. thank you guys for everything !
  13. Gelena , this has been the most beautiful year of my life. One year ago today, you made me the most blessed man in the galaxy. I am grateful to you each and every day. Your devotion and patience is something I appreciate more and more every day. Your beauty and your spirit are truly amazing. I love you. I cherish you. I adore you. Here's to many more. Happy first amazing anniversary


  15. nhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  16. Sean, I always appreciate everything you do. no amount of thanks will do.. very grateful for people like you and the rest that make this site as amazing as it is
  17. Free 32" Smart TV with purchase of LG G5 @ BestBuyFIRE DEAL if you are looking for a new amazing phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Rich Dorfman Menace Tennis

  19. Bahahahahahaahah "fat ugly people like Rosie should not be on tv" - Trump