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  1. Thanks for the info. This will take a while to collect.
  2. Data

    1998 Gamepro

    The only one I have from that time period is issue 106, May 1998. On page 49 is a sneak preview for the N64 port.
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  4. Baseline standard has the most compatibility for web browsers. Baseline Optimized is smaller but less compatibility with old web browsers and Linux systems but not PDF readers. Baseline progressive has the least compatibility but I'm not sure about that one. When I save Jpegs with Photoshop I always choose 0 quality and optimized. A higher quality I believe is only necessary if you plan to re-edit the file. These are 4 of the same scans I took. One is Baseline optimized quality 0, Two is Baseline Standard quality 12, 3 is optimized quality 12 and 4 is standard quality 0. I can't notice a difference in a PDF reader between Standard Quality 12 and Optimized quality 0. The only difference is optimized qualito 0 is 194 KB and Standard quality 12 is 5,290 KB. Optimized Quality 12 4,994 KB Optimized quality 0 194 KB Standard Quality 12 5,290 KB Standard Quality 0 224 KB
  5. Those are all good ideas. I' m living in my parents basement now taking school. I have mostly all I need excluding a fridge, sink, shower and pinball machines and a slot machine. It's hard to get furniture in and out of this basement but I would like to get a good couch to replace the love seat, also known as a crick in the neck. I will have to give up my slot cars if I wanted to build a Mame cabinet, which I do. I could get a projector to replace the smaller LCD monitor I use to watch satellite.
  6. Wow, I didn't know what you meant by sauder until I seen these shelves. This is like a trophy case. If I was you I'd go to Home Depot and look on their shelving isle. They have pre cut MDF boards at 16 inches wide by 10 or 20 feet long and less wide. It's cheap too. I bet you could get 40 linear feet for under 35 bucks. This could build 2 shelve units with five actual slots and a frame. This is what the white stuff looks like. You can build anything structural with it.
  7. I liked playing the original a lot better. The music is what usually draws me to play it. My sub woofer hits low and long and I like to punch out the street trash to the beats.
  8. I built these shelves in a room out of scavenged plywood and scrap pieces. You'll need a cordless drill for pre-drilling holes. Then you screw blocks into the studs and the plywood get's pre-drilled and then screwed to the blocks. It's more secure if you cut the gypsum out the exact size of the blocks. You will also need at least a skill saw or better would be a jig-saw and table saw. 2 and 3 inch screws and a couple hours per shelf. If this is out of the question then I suggest you go scavenging garage sales for a pre-made shelf unit. Personal I like using materials I have lying around. And it's permanent.
  9. Wherre in the World is Carmen Sandiego for DOS Maniac Mansion for NES
  10. I don't know much about value. But if I had to put a price on issues it would be a dollar each on Ebay if you could prove they were all in very fine condition. Of course some book stores will pay a little more or a little less but they usually only take a select few. And I wouldn't say the old ones are better. A person holds an item to a higher regard at different stages in there life. My personal example was between 1990 and 1996 when I was a young gaffer, I read EGM almost monthly. Fast forward to the year 2110. I'll bet all game issues between 1990 and 2009 would be of equal interest.
  11. That was the first arcade cabinet I finished. Two guys helped and I spent 14 dollars in quarters. Turtles was big at that time but I just didn't have the room in the poll. "Duh, who put out the lights"?
  12. Theoden: I have left instruction. The people are to follow your rule in my stead. Take up my seat in the Golden Hall. Long may you defend Edoras if the battle goes ill. Eowyn: What other duty would you have me do? Theoden: Duty? No... I would have you smile again, not grieve for those whose time has come. You shall live to see these days renewed. No more despair.
  13. The story in the NES version says that Jimmy is a member of the Shadow gang, the ones who shot Marion but in the arcade version and on the sequel Billy & Jimmy are teamates.
  14. Add any I missed, I know theres alot more that have been remade for newer consoles but I'm trying to limit this to pre Street Figter days.
  15. I' am collecting Gamecube games. I have and recommend 1080 Avalance, Harvest Moon - Magical Melody, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess and Legend of Zelda- Wind Walker. What am I missing? Does the Cube have any more exclusive games for it in house or not? What about Get Force Gemini 2?
  16. The only place that sold Turbographx 16 when it came out here was Radio Shack. It was hailed as a 16 bit console but to be more precise it had an 8 bit cpu and a 16 bit graphics and sound processor. It like the Master System had problems getting developers to sign with them while they were signed with Nintendo. Turbographx had Taito, Irem, Hudson soft and later Capcom. I love the Turbographx 16. They made a Turbo Express which was a handheld game system with the same specs as the TG 16 and a full color LCD screen. High tech and expensive at the time, it definately had beter graphics than Gameboy and Game Gear but as an extra bonus you could purchase a tv tuner for it. The PC Engine was much more popular in Japan. If you wanted to play Super CD 2 games you would have to buy a Turbo Duo. One of those games was Double Dragon 2 and another was Dracula X. There were many good hu-card games. Alot were shoot em ups. I liked Galaga 90, Blazing Lazers and R-Type. The rest of the list of must haves are as follows; Neutopia 1 Neutopia 2 These were better than the original Zelda. Military Madness Vigilante Victory Run Shockman Sidearms Hit The Ice Dragon Spirit Cadash Bloody Wolf Bonk Bonk's Revenge Bonk 3 Bomberman
  17. I was rockin an N64. I paid full price for all of Nintendo's in-house games. I bought Saturn and skipped the PS1. I bought Dreamcast on the release day and supported them for 3 years then never bought another console. I bought a computer and followed the emulation scene religiously. So Playstation 1 to present. (except Dreamcast)
  18. Have you ever noticed that blood coming from a zombie or monster is okay but the screams and cries of someone who is being brutally tortured is unacceptable?
  19. My friend owned an NES Max. We would fight in Blades of Steel to see whose controller could punch faster. I used a generic controller with turbo buttons and the Max always won. After that I had to avoid punch-outs and just use my Wayne Gretzky finesse. I also owned an NES Satellite that took 6 C batteries but handled 4 controllers wirelesely from 20 feet away. Good for a game of Kings of the Beach. I always fancied Aklaim's wireless controllers I seen in magazines but never in stores. It came to 70 dollars at the time. Here's the first wireless controller Aklaim made for NES. I think the messiah was made after the Nintendo 2 came out. That was the NES that loaded games like the SNES. This is another one of Aklaim's wireless. I remember reading about the Robotic Buddy. It was made as a novelty to sell with the deluxe NES set in 1985. It only worked with 2 games. Too technical to write about here but Wiki has all of the data here.
  20. The saturn analog controller was nearly identical to the Dreamcast's. The analog shoulder buttons would have been perfect for racing games. The D-Pad was soft and sensitive but not too sensitive. I never had a chance to test the analog stick because no game I heard of supported it. All the Saturn controllers would work well with fighting games of the time but the one packed in seemed to slip out of my hands. The Playstation dual shock spawned many remakes. I bought this blue one from China for 5 dollars. The D pad only has four buttons and the cord is kinda short but a great spare for most emulators. The turbographx was a little more comfortable than the NES because of rounded corners. It also came with turbo switches. I stand by the Intellivision being one of the most uncomfortable and unresponsive controllers. There is no good way to hold it and the 4 fire buttons are all mapped to the same wire. The only thing that seemed more useless was Nintendo's Power Glove. I could never play super Mario Brothers with that thing. I'd fall in the ditch on the first level until all lives were lost.
  21. List of Bad in order NES Somewhat bad Turbographx Playstation Digital Genesis 3-button Saturn digital Colecovision Atari Intellivision Worst List of Good in order Nintendo 64 Good Saturn analog Playstation Dual Shock Super Nintendo Genesis 6-button Gamecube Dreamcast Best I haven't used the new stuff.
  22. Retromags.com bing/google mail.live pcadvisor snesorama ebay dolphin emulatorzone romhustler school
  23. I have the beta version of Manhunt 2 for Playstation 2. This game was rejected worldwide because of the violence. Rockstar had to tone down the blood and gore for it to be released with an M rating. The AO version is out there and the first Manhunt was equally brutal. One type of kill is to suffocate a man with a plastic bag and cut his genitals off. Another psycho wheres a pig's head and gang members are out to mutilate you. There is just about any type of kill in this game.
  24. I never have time to play games for more than a few minutes to an hour a day. I like all kinds of games but I lose interest fast. I'll be reading an old magazine and catch a preview of a game I don't remember so in a matter of seconds I'll load the rom up and see what it's all about. RPG's are fun but it takes a little more work than just playing it. I use a program called art money that allows you to alter your stats. It takes hours to figure out where the stats are but I have more fun trying to make myself invincible. This program will alter hexadecimals in your memory bank used on a PC. It works for any game. Then I save everything so I can continue at a later date.
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