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  1. Oh the early days of peripheral prices. I remember buying a Plextor CD burner for i think 200.00 in the early 2000's...and a 50pk spindle of CDR wasn't cheap. After getting tired of making MP3 discs for the MP3 disc player I finally bought a full fledged MP3 player. an iRiver H320...had a massive 20GB hard drive. I think I paid 250 for it from Best Buy in 2005. I still have it and it looks ancient today but it was a great player. Still works and its cool to see what music I had loaded on it still from years ago. I sport the Gear S...i like the bigger rectangular face better. I'm hoping they go back to a rectangular face for the Gear S3...watch doesn't have to be round.
  2. Did anyone watch Uncle Floyd back in the day in the 80s? I think it was more of a New Jersey thing.
  3. kids after 2000...yeah, i guess the smartphone like iPhone that changed everything. MP3 players we just getting big in the 2000's...i remeber being excited to get a CD player that played MP3 burned on disc. That was huge lol. Kids after 2000 don't know about the REALLY crappy graphics we had to deal with when we played Atari 2600 or Intellivision lol. Yeah, VR has been around but its only becoming more mainstream now with Oculus, GearVR and Vive
  4. same here...the last video/dvd store in the whole area finally closed its doors a few months ago here. How they lasted this long I have no idea. Fond memories of Blockbuster visits too back in the day. Weird how there's stuff kids today will never experience like we did. Was cool to see the birth of the internet, mp3 "sharing", HDTV, CDs, smartphones. Kids today at least get to see the birth of VR along with us.
  5. I still have all episodes of Miami Vice on VHS lol. I recorded them all when they USA Network started airing reruns in 1988. Paused during commercials. I did this all on the main TV so i made my family's life hell having to record everyday till I had them all lol. I fit about 7 eps per VHS tape. Kinda wish I kept the commercials thought...woudl be cool to see them. I have a thing for commercials, ads, gaming and all that from the 80s and 90s.
  6. you must be a youngster if you don't remember that! Back in the early 80's when I was around 7-10 years old that was the box from the cable company to change channels. You can see 3 rows of numbers. You moved the slider on the side to the row you wanted and pressed the button below to go to the channel you wanted. Back then, pay channels you didn't subscribe to were scrambled on the screen...you could hear it and kinda make out what's on the screen but it was a scrambly mess. But if you used some tin foil and a wire hanger you'd be able to get the picture unscrambled. Scrambled channels looked like this:
  7. Whenever I'm bored I usually jump on ebay just to see how much NIB retro systems are. Prices are pretty crazy. Always wished I bought an extra console back in the day and never touched it. But then again I was just a kid/young adult and either mom/dad bought it for me or I could only afford to buy one. Would be sweet to have NIB SNES, NES, SMS, Genesis, Saturn and all that in a collection with perfect boxes. See a lot for sale still in boxes but the boxes look like crap. And New in box..they want $800-1500.
  8. I looked at the pic for about a minute and I don't know which games they're selling.
  9. anytime i get the bug to play some old school games, i see the online feature and I always wonder if anyone even plays. I assume there's usually no one available to play unless you set somethign up with friends. But none of my friends give a crap about retro gaming.
  10. well there goes that...i wondered how they would be able to do this book using all Nintendo images and Nintendo loving to shut anyone down using their stuff " NES/Famicom: a visual compendium is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable."
  11. not sure if its been posted in here but this brings back memories.
  12. just another random memory....I remember stoppping at KayBee Toys when i was in the area just so i could play Super OffRoad on the SNES display unit they had. I was hardcore Team Sega back then but I was impressed with the SNES..colors, sound, music were all better than Genesis. But there was no way I could tell my Nintendo friend that I liked SNES lol
  13. lol..those are it! thanks. Small Wonder was terrible but as a kid working cleaning villas, it was on TV while working on the weekends...just reminds me of the 90's
  14. All the good shows of the 80's and 90's Wonder Years Perfect Strangers Mr. Belvidere Growing Pains Home Improvment Roseanne Miami Vice GamePro TV (was that what it was called with that JD dude?) Saved by the Bell That girl Evie who had the power That robot daughter show SNL...when it was good
  15. I'm still waiting for The 90's Arcade Racer to be released...that was on Kickstarter back in 2013!!! Guy says he's almost done with it.
  16. What I miss most about the 90's and pre-social media days is...i don't remember anything about people being offended by anything and everything like they are today. It's so annoying anymore.
  17. so weird to see everyone so young on the cover. Thanks for the work.
  18. Thanks...skimmed through most of it. Luckily I couldn't care less about Raspberry Pi Twitter Account's views on GamerGate. It does what I want it to do and i"m happy with that.
  19. I just checked my steam game info. 141 games, 72 unplayed lol. Damn steam summer amd winter sales.
  20. Hallo folks. 43 (physically) 23 (mentally) year old retro lover from the northeast PA area. Bored one day I googled retro game scans to see if there was anything online about old game mags being scanned in and available for download and found this site. Joined about 6 months or so ago, kinda forgot about the site till and email about joining up as a patron. Joined up and now here I am posting. I have a strange fascination with thigns from the 90's...loved that time in my life.
  21. vice350z

    IPAD Pro

    I have a Samsung Tab Pro 12.2...love it. Mags look great on there too. Interested in the Galaxy Tab S coming out with Windows on it.
  22. I'm 43 and still enjoy Halloween. My favorite character to dress as is Jason Voorhees. I've won a bunch of costume contests when out. Haven't done it in the last 4 years though cuz i gained some weight and no one wants to see a chubby Jason. I have to redo my costume anyway so I'm hoping to make a comeback for Halloween '16. Cutout i made of me in my costume at our work Halloween party. I was told to never wear it again because I scared a lot of employees kids..HAHA. A couple employees I heard told others it was very "inappropriate"...shut up.
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