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  1. Bored and reading old threads. Wow, seems every forum has that one a-hole that thinks he knows it all. Had one on the one forum i'm always on...all he did was butt heads with everyone and was just a miserable person. Worst part was that he was 1 of 3 owners of the forum. The other 2 owners bought him out and kicked him out. Googling this guy FuSoYa but not seeing anything about him. Any update about him in the past 7 years? If its bad to bring threads back from the dead let me know and I wont do it again.
  2. wondering how they'll grab game screen shots in high enough quality to print full bleed pages/spreads without a million jaggies. For illustration purposes on the web its easy but print is another story.
  3. The Poconos...if anyone knows where that is in PA.
  4. I'm on an hour long youtube loop so far watching this guys videos now lol. Good stuff.
  5. I think i did a mortal kombat one to send into Gamepro or was it EGM that had the envelope art? I wish i took a pic of it for memories sake before mailing out.
  6. so cray to read the specs of computers from a time not really THAT long ago. When bored its always fun to look through old Radio Shack catalogues online.
  7. I remember seeing those as a kid in a store called Caldor in NJ. My buddy had a C64 but I could never figure out how that cassette tape drive worked. At least I think it used a cassette. I only saw his computer once during our friendship. Otherwise we played Atari 2600.
  8. Visited GF's family last week. Went into their basement and saw a barely faded SNES sitting there! I was jelly want wanted to accidentally put it in my bag before we left lol.
  9. Always had consoles as a kid and never had a computer until i was 22 years old in 1995. Apple Performa 6200CD 75 MHz PowerPC 603 processor, 8 MB of RAM, a 1.0 GB hard drive and a 4X CD-ROM drive in a compact desktop case. This model also shipped with a 15" Apple color monitor and an external 14.4k modem. I think it cost about $1200 back then at Sears. Oh the memories. Then moved to PC in about 1998 I believe. Having a computer also meant finally getting on that thing called "the internet"..lol. Bored one day I wondered if there was any naughty things on the internet to see. Typed in free xxx pics and it was downhill from there lol. The days of waiting for interlaced JPEG photos to load from top to bottom and 30 second videos taking 10 minutes to download and a resolution of 320x240 or whatever it was.
  10. Nice! And only 4 short years later Imagic was gone.
  11. My old 2004 Dell that i retired in 2011 had a floppy drive
  12. lol i used to work at a print shop and me and the other dude were like "WWWOOOOWWW" when we got a ZipDrive that used MASSIVE 100MB disks.
  13. Cleaning out a closet I came across one of my old CD cases. So many demo discs from my PC Gamer sub back in the day. So weird to see demos that actually fit on a CD rom lol For some reason I also thought of a couple top down shooters I downloaded I think back in 2000-2001 that were so cool for that time. They used the modern tech then for a 3D look to game play. They were Star Monkey and Ultra Assault. Re-installed them and brought back memories playing them about 15 years later.
  14. Was gonna reply in there but i see its locked. Just curious why. EDIT: I just noticed that all the OP's threads on this page are locked.
  15. lol, yes you're right. But those Ecco tunes are perfect.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXImBmQTzC0
  17. nah, don't care about the hacked games...i'm fine with straight original roms.
  18. Great, a Rhea...another thing to looks up now and want lol. I have a release day Saturn..do I still need to open up or is it known what a release day US saturn would use? and what a horrible word...Rhea...reminds me of something else...
  19. just looked up a freammeister...ouch, not cheap.
  20. what do you find not perfect about them? I assume they run the roms better than an emulator?
  21. lol..i dont visit here daily but i'm still here lol.
  22. Holy crap I want some of them now! I have old consoles that I wanted to use again but then though about the cost of buying all the darn carts...so I stuck to emulation. On youtube searching something about Sega I saw a video about something called a Mega Everdrive. I want this lol. I'd love to find a 19" CRT TV just to use for retro gaming. I could always pull out my old 22" 4:3 LCD monitor though too in the mean while. Anyone else use these? Are they indeed as awesome as they seem?
  23. i just can't part with old devices/consoles along with their boxes. Have my launch day Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast boxes up in my attic. Yeah, you can't beat free lol. Got my bro the S2 for xmas but after he saw my watch he said he'd rather have mine. Saved me $100 lol.
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