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  1. ok ive downloaded from archive Game Players issue 88 and ive extract the cbr file.Now what kind of edit should i do with photoshop?.I ll need some instructions to do a perfect edit
  2. I would like to know how popular where pc gaming back to the 80's comparing to consoles like Nes , Genesis ,SMS, Turbografx16.IIRC there were many systems like IBM AMIGA ,ATARI ST and others.Iam asking cause now that ive started playing some retro from those systems i find pc games "unplayable" comparing to consoles.Dont know why thought , maybe the lack of tutorial or the controls were awful comparing again with the systems controllers.
  3. Ive played the last scene of The Last of Us about 20 times..... with different outcomes ^^
  4. 1. MGS 2. FFVII 3. RE 2 4. Spiderman 5. Gran Turismo 2 6. Medal of Honor 2 Underground 7. Silent Hill 8. FFIX 9. Syphon FIlter 2 10. Die Hard Trilogy
  5. I have completed MGS on psx about 10 times over the years and 5 times max payne 2, half life 2 and RE 4.I rarely complete them back to back.
  6. 1. Super Mario Bros 3 2. Super Mario bros 2 3. The Legend of Zelda 4. Metal Gear 5. Metroid 6. Super Mario Bros 7. Kid Icarus 8. Zelda II 9. Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! 10. Mega Man
  7. It was a year before first grade i think when a couple of friends had game boys i think it was 1993-1994
  8. My favorites were SFII and the Punisher
  9. Most of my friends prefer playing on a console because you need to frequently upgrade to play the newest game.With an investement of only 1/3 of a gaming pc you can enjoy every game for at least 6-7 years or not ? (cough ps4 pro) But personally as i own both i dont really care
  10. Ive purchased a 2nd hand fat ps2 to try some classics on my crt tv
  11. Iam from Athens
  12. Ive started playing Nes Games like super mario bros and the original zelda.i didnt know how hard the games was back then!
  13. Hello fousekis, Welcome to the Retromags Community!