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  1. Wow, for some reason a notification for this popped up my email, when I don't think that's ever happened before. Makes me wonder if Philly tweaked some setting heh. Anyway, hi, speaking of old friends, sorry I've been away from here for a while, if you even remember me, heh. Haven't yet read through this all (read the start and the end and skimmed the middle), but I can sympathize, as I've gone through the end of a few communities myself over the years, sometimes with no advance warning. I'm glad you were able to know this was coming in advance and prepare a form of closure for yourself. On an amusing (to me) note, it can't be a coincidence that the last update was version 1.87, given this exists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/187_(slang)
  2. I once indexed all my NP issues (1-60), but I don't have the text files any more. All I have left are the dot matrix printouts if that tells you how long ago that was heh. At any rate, I finally found out a few years ago that NP eventually printed indexes of their own, and I still have a download of a scanned copy of index version 3. However, I have never gone through and verified if it is completely comprehensive (my homemade index included main articles and minor mentions like Classified Info).
  3. I have a feeling she's going to end up with multiple entries, heh.
  4. Arguably the worst game listed on the cover gets the feature status, heh. That's the kind of (free?) advertising making a licensed game buys.
  5. I kinda saw this coming, with the release of the other two games relatively recently on Steam.Didn't know whether to put this in retro gaming cause of the age of the old games, or in current gaming cause it's a new sequel, heh.
  6. Okay, we need one more player to round out my Fantasy NBA league, so here's the chance for anyone else to join up. PM me your email address to get an invite. Yeah I haven't been around in a while either, so uh, hi again all.
  7. Hm, a lot of bootlegging in that part of the world... Not saying those are but be cautious.
  8. 80s and 90s nostalgia mashup, heh.
  9. "Please go to funnyjunk to view this image" Really, sites still are anti-hotlinking?
  10. Aw, it's a PO Box... there goes my plan to stalk Phillyman
  11. I still have #1-12 in great condition including all inserts, but I am wary about taking them apart to scan. At least they were stapled not glued back then.
  12. Reminds me of a book full of BASIC programs I have stored in a bin somewhere.
  13. Ebay Item #111007261949 Not sure if this was posted yet (search yielded nothing). Anyone willing to take out a second mortgage for this? Heh.
  14. I just missed bidding on a complete copy of Indigo Prophecy for less than $10 by less than half an hour thanks to forgetting to check on it until coming here just now. That's what I get for trying to snipe without a better plan, eh? I'll keep an eye on that other copy, but there's another auction ending in the next few days for something else I'm watching too. Looking into the synopsis of Indigo Prophecy reminds me of the plot of the old 8-bit game Deja Vu, at least initially. http://www.mobygames.com/game/dj-vu-a-nightmare-comes-true
  15. Through most of my youth in the 80s and early 90s, arcades, platformers, and other action genres were my main staple. After I discovered RPGs through Dragon Quest, that genre also became a big part of my gaming experience. I had seen some examples of the Adventure genre back in the 80s via DOS ports of 70s mainframe text adventures Advent and Zork, but I never got very far into them. Then there was the Maniac Mansion port for the NES that I also never could get through. In the early 90s, Someone brought a copy of Leisure Suit Larry into my high school computer lab, but I didn't get to spend more than a couple minutes tinkering around and probably never even made it into the bar. It wasn't until the mid 90s with Myst and King's Quest 6 (CD version) and the purchase of my first PC that I really dove into the genre, soon buying compilations of all the past Sierra quests. I also got into some of Sierra's then newer IPs, such as Gabriel Knight, which gave me inspiration for my user name. I had played through pretty much all the Sierra library by the time the genre collapsed and the company pretty much folded by the end of the 90s (most LucasArts adventures didn't draw enough of my attention to spend money on them). A couple years later, I got back into console gaming with my first PS2 and eventually a Nintendo DS. Somehow I built up a huge backlog of games to play from multiple genres, and Adventure games have slipped back into a serious minority in that. As for the games listed above, I've either already played most or haven't had enough interest to check out the others due to so many other games I want to play. But here's a few thoughts: 999 - oh man, I wish I had bought this for a relatively low retail price when I had the chance. But I didn't want to then as no one I knew had said anything about the game at the time. By the time I started hearing people rave on it more recently, it's now very hard to find a complete-in-box copy for a decent price. I'd also be interested in the (semi?)sequel Virtue's Last Reward, but I don't even have the system to play that on. Phoenix Wright - looks interesting enough, but I never got around to seriously checking it out. At this point there's so many games to catch up on, my completionism wouldn't be satisfied until I played them all, and my backlog is bloated enough as it is :( Lux-Pain - the poor man's 999. I seriously bought this thinking it would be a decent alternative to 999 once I heard how good that game was, but I'm afraid I'm being sorely disappointed. The concept seems solid enough, but the execution leaves a bit to be desired. On top of that, the translation is borderline terrible, even disagreeing on the game being set in Japan or the US depending on the captions or voice acting. The Walking Dead - looks cool, but I have no way of playing it and am borderline tired of the zombie story genre at this point. Indigo Prophecy - I may check that out, if I can find it for a reasonable price. I had no idea the PS2 even had pure adventure games (besides Myst series ports), heh. Heavy Rain; Beyond: Two Souls - I probably would like these if I end up liking Indigo. From the previews I have seen of Beyond, it does look quite interesting, especially the facial capture tech they're using. See video below: (note to eDay or Philly: we are missing the Media tag from the formatting hotbar... well, it's there under eBay, but that's not very intuitive)
  16. Just missed out or lost out on three items to finish my complete-in-box Vectrex collection. Light Pen & Art Master Ebay Item #230925150798 went for about as much as I expected, but I slept through the end of the bidding and would have probably ended up paying at least $300 if I tried to snipe. Animaction: Ebay Item #330870443563 Melody Master: Ebay Item #230925521135 Holy cow, didn't expect each of these to go for over $200, especially after seeing the other one that includes the Light Pen go for under $300. And both were only $30ish with five minutes of bidding to go, but shot up like crazy in the last minute with competing snipers. I knew they were somewhat rare, but this...
  17. The last one to get a full multiple-page review was probably Startropics 2, one of the last official releases for the system.
  18. Not my collection, but I saw this posted elsewhere and thought to share here. Ebay Item #300830169972
  19. You'd think with all those IPs, Infogrames-Atari would have found some way to make a profit. Mismanagement once again rears its ugly head.
  20. Yeah, I must have accidentally double posted thanks to a connection problem. Anyway, the question I asked still remains
  21. I know this makes the scope more huge, but is there a chance we could eventually include the games covered in each mag and the page they are featured on? I know this makes the scope more huge, but is there a chance we could eventually include the games covered in each mag and the page they are featured on?
  22. But then, many of these shootings have taken place in locations where it is already illegal or against policy to carry guns. It's not like a criminal is going to pay attention to gun laws anyway...
  23. Why is the SMB / Duck Hunt cart going up in value? Wasn't this a pack-in cart mass produced like crazy?
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