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  1. Last console i bought was the switch. This is the first gen that i did not buy a playstation and xbox.
  2. I use emu-loader but this is probably the easiest to use MAME Arcade this one has a built in frontend
  3. i Will probably grab one but most likely import the Japanese version. I always hated the US redesign of the PC Engine.
  4. Very cool. Thanks for posting these covers!
  5. Thanks, getting closer and closer to the first 100 issues of EGM
  6. Wow, you read my mind i just finished voting for the missing EGM's than read this thread. Thanks for the voting system
  7. Mine are 1. Space Invaders 2. Demon Attack 3. Raiders of the Lost Ark (i know not a great game but i spent many an hour playing this one) 4. Decathalon (broke alot of joysticks playing this with friends) 5. Kaboom
  8. The early Resident Evil games, never was able to get into playing them but i enjoyed watching my roomate beat them.
  9. My retro collection Super Famicom Sega Genesis Sega CDX Sega Saturn (white Japan) PC Engine core graphx II Nintendo 64 (clear arctic) Sega Dreamcast PS2 Xbox I'm keeping my eyes out for a Vectrex, Atari 7800, PC engine super cd rom and a famicom. Oh yeah and i would love to get ahold of a saturn skeleton
  10. The first console i bought myself was the NES. My first console owned was the Atari 2600.
  11. Seinfeld The Office (U.S. & U.K.) The Cosby Show Curb Your Enthusiasm Friends Family Ties
  12. Atari 2600 then a Colecovision never had an intellivision though
  13. Super Mario World Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super Mario Brothers 3
  14. I've been 3 times all before the big change. My favorite year was when the Dreamcast was in full swing and the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube were being shown off at E3 for the first time. The last one i went to was my least favorite Sony only had video stuff for the PS3 and the line to see it that was about a hour plus and Nintendo only had wii sports and zelda and the lines for that were even longer.
  15. sign me up, more than happy to help
  16. I would have to agree with E-Day I thought he was the worst feature of EGM and i found his HotTopic punk, coolthing annoying not funny. I will miss EGM I kept hoping they would turn things around and get back to the quality they once had.
  17. Mine is because I'm an old guy but love all things MOD (Lambretta scooters, The Jam, Fred Perry, etc, etc)
  18. For me it would have to be 3DO. I thought it was going to rule the console world, couldn't have been more wrong.
  19. I'm not really excited about the camera but i will probably pick one up for the bigger screen and the fact my wife has taken over my DS (Uno addiction)
  20. For Snes Bsnes is by far the most accurate emu out there
  21. Mine would be... 1. Donkey Kong 2. Donkey Kong Jr 3. Front Line 4. Tron 5. Q-bert 6. Star Wars sit-down 7. Pang 8. Ms Pac-man 9. Golden Tee (latest greatest) 10. marvel vs capcom 2