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Nintendo Power is a discontinued news and strategy magazine which was initially published in-house monthly by Nintendo of America, and later independently. In December 2007, Nintendo contracted publishing to Future US, the American subsidiary of British publisher Future. It was one of the longest running video game magazines in the United States and Canada, and was Nintendo's official magazine in North America.

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  2. They entire 2010 year is allowed now, it's just that the status hasn't been changed yet.
  3. Because Retromags does not want anything from earlier then 10 years ago to be on the site. Those issues are from 2010, so less then 10 years. Although I guess the ones from January to June could be done now if someone had them to scan.
  4. First subscription issue (#8) Last issue I actually read (#34) Last issue I received (#59) Upon receiving my first issue (#8, 1989), I immediately went about ordering the previous 7 back issues. For a time, NP was magical, and every issue that arrived in the mailbox was memorable and I devoured them cover to cover. As time passed, I became less and less interested. The early days of the SNES resparked my enthusiasm, but the difference between the 11 year old that got his first issue and the 14 year old that stopped reading NP was pretty huge. Plus, by 1992 (the year of issue #34 - the last issue I remember actually reading), PCs had entered the SVGA and soundcard era, so not only were the games themselves more complex and interesting to an older gamer like myself, but the technology had finally caught up to the point where home consoles no longer had the advantage. My game mag reading switched to Game Player's PC titles, and later when it premiered, PC Gamer. Yet for some reason I continued to subscribe to NP for some time afterwards, with the most recent cover I remember being the #59 from early 1994. Dunno why I subscribed for nearly 2 years without even reading the mag. Habit? Or maybe I was enticed by some sort of subscription/renewal giveaway (in addition to Dragon Warrior, I seem to recall getting some free strategy guides for renewing my subscription)?
  5. I think my first issue was the Megaman 2 cover, I stopped subscribing around the Nintendo 64 era and picked it back up when the Wii came out
  6. Thanks. (BTW I do not have the physical copy but digital anyway thank you)
  7. You have all the physical copies up to issue 145? If so then you would need 146-285. The Magazine Database has all the issues listed with their dates.
  8. https://www.retromags.com/forums/forum/23-magazine-talk/?do=add#I have all the Nintendo Power Issues up to 145. I was wondering if someone could create a collection with all of the issues I am missing.
  9. Hi all, I'm writing the Wikipedia article on the 2004 Sabre Wulf and am looking for the July 2004 Nintendo Power review (#181, possibly on p. 120). Would someone with a copy be able to take a one-page photo/scan?
  10. My favorite gaming magazine of all time is Nintendo Power ^^ I enjoyed Game Players, GamePro, and Game Informer too, but NP was and is my favorite!
  11. I was obsessed with the NES when I was a kid, so my parents got me a Nintendo Power subscription around issue 9 or 10. Naturally, I loved it. I would read every issue cover-to-cover repeatedly; I was especially fond of the full-color photo maps of games that let you see how everything was laid out. They covered games in such depth that, as an earlier poster said, you could almost play the game in your head by following the magazine's breakdowns. For whatever reason, I was full of brand loyalty as a child, and it was Nintendo or nothing. I finally got a Playstation in '96, and that was around the same time I let my NP subscription expire. I'm not sure which was the last issue I received; the most recent one I remember had Cyrax from Mortal Kombat 3 on the cover. I moved on to Game Players since they had such a fresh, innovative voice that set them apart from competitors. Their irreverence really appealed to a teenager's sensibilities. Even so, I always cherished my Nintendo Power collection.
  12. At one point I had the first 10 years worth in a box, but the parents got rid of it in a garage sale. Thankfully I meandered over here and can get my fill.
  13. When a title says Acquired, does this mean that somebody has the magazine and plans to upload it, they just haven't gotten to it yet?
  14. Yeah, I loved Nintendo Power. I remember reading the first strategy on Final Fantasy 2. I couldn't put it down. I still go back and read Power for nes reviews on obscure games and hidden gems, especially shmups. If I was on a desert island, I would be happy with the nes/famicom library.
  15. Chatham? St. Thomas? Kitchener/Waterloo? Cambridge? Guelph? Brantford? Woodstock? St. Marys? Stratford? Goderich? I used to live in Rodney (population: 1000), so I am familiar with that part of the province. I currently live in Ottawa. I might have to take those issues off your hands
  16. I have issues: 168, 177, 190, 191, 199-202, 204-223, 229-252. I'm from southern Ontario
  17. I like the first topic, how Super Mario Bros 2 is compared with olympics discipline. But im not a constant reader.
  18. I prefer EGM for most systems but NES was really best with Nintendo power.
  19. Nintendo Power all the way, although I've read a few others like Game Player's, EGM, and Game Informer.
  20. I have always been a big fan of EGM my self. Still have my old issues from the early 90 all the way up the the early 2000's. But thanks to this amazing site I have been reading the old Nintendo powers. I really missed out on these back in the 90's
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