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  1. Just thought I’d check in. As is readily apparent I have not had time in years to do any scanning. Though I would like to get back in at some point. Though there is no longer any status for owned. Please feel free to scan anything I had marked previously as acquired. I feel like if I do get back in I want to try and upgrade to a professional quality scanner and upgrade to a reference monitor. But I am in fact still around and lurking. At some point I should reference my list of scan pickups to what needs scanning still and see if I can mail them to some of the more active scanners to take care of. Though E-day has done a tremendous job filling in the holes on stuff.
  2. Oh I got the poster. I could send it to you if you wanted to add it. I just havent found a good way to scan it. My flat bad just couldnt get get it and I gave up in frustration trying to stitch it together
  3. It was one large poster in issue 100. A few years ago when I was trying to make EGM complete I actually came across a bagged issue of 100 to rescan because the existing scan here was horrible. Tried scanning the poster. So its fantastic that we got a new scan from E-Day . really wanted to preserve that poster. Also this issue had a great fold out cover.
  4. I saw you redid issue 100. I didnt check it yet, but did it have the original poster in your scan? That had all the first 100 EGM issues? I years ago when I was scanning picked up the issue with the poster but could never get a good scan on the flatbed with it. Eventually would like to see it added to the scan if you didnt already. Maybe Ill get some time to start scanning again. But what’s the best way to fine a large format scanner? I couldnt find one locally.
  5. Due to unforeseen life circumstances this got put on the back burner. Hope to get back in the swing of things in August. Long story , but a lot of family stuff.
  6. Thanks for putting these up. I'll have the rest out as soon as I can get to them. Shouldn't take long,
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Sunsoft Game Time News 05 Christmas 1989
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Sunsoft Game Time News 04 Fall 1989
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Sunsoft Game Time News 03 Winter 1989
  10. They actually have a pretty formal cover. With title and sometimes a large image.
  11. Until I have a place to put these.... I uploaded the 3 issues I have done so far to the file server in my folder staging area. Including cover images. Will continue to stage them there as I complete them till I can get them on the site when database and DL and Gallery sections made.
  12. This sounds great. I was actually wanting to use the games database like this. When I was done scanning my stuff I wanted to index magazines to the games pages. Like go through every magazine and every mention of a game fill that info into the games page. So say I'm going through EGM 9 or something. The super Mario 3 review. I'd put that information on the Super Mario Bros 3 page that in EGM 9 you can find a review on page 35. But what your proposing sounds sounds even better.
  13. Honestly it could go in the magazine database as it's similar to Nintendo Fun Club News.
  14. So I am going to start scanning in the issues of the Sunsoft Game Time News newsletters. I need a database created. Also if anyone has additional information to fill in. So far through researched Ive more or less confirmed the following. The numbering only lasted the first 3 issues. (Vol 1 . Number 1-3). After that it was just by season or month. 1. Sunsoft Game Time News issue 1: There is no known info I could find on the internet on this. Only that it has a 1988 release date. Need a cover scan or any information on release. A true mystery. 2. Summer 1988- Vol 1 issue 2. I can get a cover image. I will be scanning the following issues and have verified with multiple sources these are the rest that exist. 3. Winter 1989- Vol 1 issue 3 4. Fall 1989 5. Special Christmas Edition 1989 6. Spring 1990 7. Summer 1990 8. Winter 1991 9. Spring 1992 10. Fall 1992 Any information people have would be appreciated. But ill need a database created.
  15. I was actually going to do this issue next. I recently have spent the last month and a half traveling and taking care of family issues. I'd be willing to edit when I have time to get back into scanning shortly.
  16. I did this to properly capture a shiny foil card page on a recent scan. I'm sure you can get some nice results. I used an LED desk light (around 6500K? Maybe, I'd have to check.) to get adequate lighting. There are plenty of panorama and stitching programs out there. Do I think a magazine in a sealed bag needs documenting? Probrably not. But it doesn't hurt right? For me a sealed bag means all the inserts will be scanned and it's a definitive copy, and the pages will be generally pristine requiring little editing barring printing issues. I have quite a few bagged issues of EGM to scan.
  17. In general Yes prices are going up. I've observed that for the last two years more or less that they are climbing a lot. Though deals can be found. Sometimes on lots, but I've seen good lots that I've been outbid on that went into the hundreds. Some of it is speculators putting stuff out at high prices and hoping someone will bite. I've found offers where I've offered sellers a deal when the listing just started and they accepted before I could get outbid. But ya scans seems to have only increased interest rather than decreased interest.
  18. Quite simply, car or cbz is just a renamed extension for a zipped or .rar folder. Images are easy to extract and copy. You can also screenshot to share. You can read the magazine without comic book reader software by changing the extension back to zip or extracting the rare and using a photo viewer program native to the OS. Really the big thing you sacrifice is PDF OCR to make the text searchable, which honestly probrably not that many people use.
  19. I've got two on preorder. Was going to cancel the Best Buy one when I got an Amazon preorder but maybe I won't now if supply seems short. But I think there will be plenty.
  20. Once again , your steps nearly mirror mine. And like you said I don't have content aware fill or straitened tool. But you can draw a line and rotate command and it will straitenen the line. Just not as straight forward as the newer command.
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