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  1. Maybe now. But this definetly was NOT the case when I was there. It was arcade heaven. I imagine you still get stuff like Sega's Joyoplis that are pretty appealing right?
  2. you and me both probrably.
  3. I just came to post my general offense at the title of this thread. As if gaming is owned by the young or something. But I think I've played online once with a late 50's guy. I don't think gaming has been around enough to have to many 60-70 year olds who are into it. But I'm sure that will change with time. Really the upper end is guys who came of age in the 70's with the dawn of gaming and arcades. So I'm sure there are tons of people in their 50's. Most people older than don't seem to have more than a passing interest in games, or where like literally the programmers of those games. Myself it sometimes irritates me to no end to get owned by a 13 year old online. Fuck child savants. But really though I do enjoy playing with gamers across all ages and meeting new people.
  4. Always preferred the non Tarzan version. But that yell is cool.
  5. Donkey Kong Frogger Ms. Pacman Wizard of War Robotron Jungle Hunt Rally X Turbo Kid Niki Snow Bros Contra Double Dragon Ghosts and Goblins Forgotten Worlds Altered Beast Lethal Enforcers Double Dragon 2 X men TMNT Shinobi Ghouls and Ghosts Solar Warrior Police Trainer Gun Panic Vanguard Final Fight Space Harrier Tron Elevator Action Prop Cycle Strider Super Pacman Slither Golden Axe 2 the revenge of Death Adder Outrun Rad Mobile Ninja Princess That's just off the top of my head.
  6. All of m saying is VR is the most convincing 3D experience I've ever had. It blows away 3D on a flat screen.
  7. You should try PSVR if you ever get a chance. Can be used quite comfortably with glasses. As the eyepiece does not rest on your nose or eyes and is adjustable.
  8. The Sega 3D glasses were actually quite amazing. I had them. They used the same active 3D tech Sony used on their tV's. I've read you can actually use gen with 3D TV if you sync them properly. I enjoyed them.
  9. I will tell you right now the best way to experience 3D is with VR right now. It's pretty amazing. If you love 3D then you should pick up PSVR or a Vive.
  10. I believe Phillymanbwas scanning some early Game Players which means they probrably will be edidted by E-Day?
  11. I don't think he knows the ramifications of 600 dpi. Or is thinking your 300 dpi is 600 dpi because of confusion about your Patreon message about scanning in 600 dpi on your Patreon. Though sounds like you could upload them at that resolution on Archive and just give is the normal stuff here. With the archive link we could at least have a choice.
  12. There were a few ads I felt were pretty bad, like the naked lady Saturn ad I think. But they were mostly harmless. Some were tasteless. I feel the stuff in the late 90's and into the 2000's were the worst. In the early to mid 90's there were at least aimed more towards kids.
  13. I think 600 dpi is probrably overkill. 300 dpi seems to be really a nice sweet spot. Even what we post here, your hard pressed to not be able to read text.
  14. Since I started scanning, I certainly don't enjoy the large page count. These 250 pagish issues are punishing. Thank god someone else scanned the EGM 65 that is 400 plus pages.
  15. About the same as that EGM 30 I just did. 244 pages. Anyway no posters or difficult stuff so not too bad,
  16. Got tired of messing with that poster. Later on I'm going to just cut it up and try it again later. Anyway. Up next: EGM 63 Y Excited to get to a later issue because I was getting tired of the same ads over and over. This issue has some nice content. I tried something different debinding. I used the heat gun to pull off spine from the pages as completely as I could, then used cotton balls with the heat gun to wipe off as much glue as possible from the spine before pulling the pages apart. I got most of the exess glue off before even pulling apart the pages. Which prevented glue creep onto some of the page. The cotton balls really wick up the hot glue but you have to do it while hot. I dont know if all the extra work is worth it because it didnt make that huge a difference. But the pages did come off remarkably glue free. They possible could have not had alot of glue to begin with. Anyway I'll be gettting a great scan out of this issue.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Art-Atari-Tim-Lapetino/dp/1524101036/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479323585&sr=8-1&keywords=Art+of+Atari I got this book recently. It's kind of some short history on the Atari systems. But most;y it showcases the artwork for the game boxes and advertising. With interviews and commentary from the illustrators. As a coffee table book it's pretty fantastic, and all the game box art is just fantastic. They even have some alternate covers some of the artists had painted that weren't used.
  18. Man, scanning these EGM posters is some bullshit. They will just not line up to my satisfaction. I think the scanner bed is slightly warping them when I scan them on the edges making them not line up no matter what I do. I even played around with phot merge but was not entirely happy with the results. I'm going to try scanning them again and see if I can get them flatter. I'm considering scanning them completely flat at the fold, lining them up, and then scanning the fold flat and cut that strip and paste it onto the image. Anyway that EGM 100 poster requires me to merge 12 separate pages into one image.
  19. Your welcome everyone. But this thread feels lonely. Oh I know why, I haven't seen TOLUST post yet. This is very unusual. Lol.
  20. I usually play both to be honest. I'll dig in to what single player has to offer, hone my skills there and jump onto multiplayer. Probrably the most recent online multiplayer game I got addicted to was Splatoon. Before that was PvZ Garden warfare. And I was kind of a pro Team Fortress 2 player on PC. I put over 4000 hours into that game. But when they went hat crazy and just kept releasing more and more weapons I had to stop playing. I was getting addicted to crates instead of the game so I had to let it go. But yes I always play the single player stuff if it's available. And use multiplayer to extend the life of the game.
  21. So we now have all the issues scanned up to 50! Actually up to 62! But this was the last hole in the early years of our collection. I have to say in the 2 years I've been active here, I'm very happy with the progress made. Thanks to Eday scanning and the stuff I'v done (Partly motivated by the high shipping cost to Canada!) and other members contributing an issue or missing pages here and there the EGM collection is looking great! Anyway. Some details on this issue. There was an insert bound in the magazine that was included in the page count. It was a Montgomery Ward holiday video game sale catalog. I did not upload this separately as basically its just an catalog listing games and sales prices. Doesn't really bring much to the table as a standalone download. But is interesting to see the games on sale in stores at the time. Second there was a poster for EA Genesis games in this magazine. It was actually bound in the magazine. Folded up the back side reads like 4 pages of the magazine. Unfolded the other side is a large poster with all the EA games available. Since it was at a specific place in the magazine and one side reads like pages, I included those pages as they would be originally be read in the magazine. Then right after it I put the poster that I stitched together when you unfold it. So it reads like four magazine pages and one poster with numbering to make them appear where it would when you read the magazine. Normally posters are included at the end of the magazine but this was a special case since one side of the poster was meant to viewed in the folded position as four separate pages. The poster is presented at twice the pixel height as a normal page so you can zoom in and view the same detail as a normal page. Also the subscription cards this issue were bound into the magazine on the same page. So when I scanned them I presented them as such, two cards on one page. Also as appropriate there are a few two page spreads where I stitched the opposing pages into a single image. As always I only did this where I felt it added value to viewing. Thus there were a few content pages where the crossover was minimal I didn't present as a combined image due to there being nothing added visually by combining them. Also there were two ad pages that were 4 page foldouts, I combined these ads into a single image for viewing as well. A note on the fold out Ballistic Ad. I had previously combined this image in a previous scan, after reviewing the previous work and determining it was identical, I just used the image from the other issue to save a few hours of work. The single page scans non combined though are the original pages from this issue (Not that anybody would notice any difference.)
  22. Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 30 January 1992 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  23. 1,305 downloads

    Constant 2200 pixel height scan. 600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.
  24. Got the EGM 100 issues 3 poster spread with all the covers. After I finish what I'm working on, I'll add this to the EGM 100 scan. I won an aution for 30.00!!!! Damn price gauging bastards. I did manage to wiggle it down to free shipping though. I just couldnt pass it up as you dont see these posters so much. I came close to getting a bagged issue 100 this year but lost out and regreted it. So I just sucked it up and paid the price. http://imgur.com/gallery/q0bZ8
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