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  1. The main thing is , and you may not have been here when they changed it. But it's constant height on a scan. Where used to be constant width. Due to consistent reader viewing. The width doesn't matter it seems your cropping doesn't vary. Whereas when I crop some pages will vary somewhat as I crop depending on page content. A ful page artwork I'm cropping as little as possible. A page with mono color borders or pattern I'm doing an easy crop and if the page is t cut straight I'll be cropping more so I don't have to fill in during editing.
  2. Ok, not all of them. Cause 4K HDR rocks. And better VR. But still. I've played my Wii U more the last 3 years.
  3. For the most part, the so called big boy games aren't very appealing to me. Tend to be graphical powerhouses with uninteresting repetitive gameplay, with hooks designed to make you spend money on XP and DLC. You can keep them.
  4. Sounds great! Fell free to ask questions. Can't wait to see how it comes out. Was thinking of doing a strategy guide myself.
  5. I have a lot of the rest of the Ultra Game Players in my scan pile, but , if anyone wants to scan them first I won't mind if you have them. I will eventually get to them, but want to do the EGM's I have first at least to the first 100 issues are done.
  6. Man upgrading invision is always such a pain. I've been part of whole communities who didn't survive and Invision upgrade gone wrong.
  7. I believe OGM includes that stuff as extra files is why and why it leads to confusion.
  8. It's not hard. Take heat gun and apply heat in a sweeping motion. Gently pull up and out on the page until it comes off with little to no force. When the glue becomes liquid it will just pull free. Don't place heat gun too close.
  9. Player One podcast is all former EGM editors as the hosts. Phil Theobald also did a stint at Nintendo Power till the end when they stopped publishing. They occasionally share acedotes about those days. You can try and tweet them a question and they may answer it on the show.
  10. Look at square Enix, there a pushing a lot of future titles onto the Switch like dragon quest. And pushing stuff to 3DS. They still have their bets hedged onto Sony but there are a lot of high profile stuff coming to Switch. You can bet Monster Hunters. Atlush will probrably feature a lot of their stuff on the Switch as well. Yes Persona 5 will be PS4, but don't be surprised to see that on Switch as well. As well as dragging any popular stuff from Vita as well.
  11. Possibly the only thing to get me to buy a Microsoft console is Cuphead. If it ever comes out. I've never owned one. I can't justify two consoles like the PS4 and the One that largely have the same games. Exclusive FPS games are not going to sway me. But significant VR might. Like if whatever Scorpio does with hololens is super good, I might buy my first Microsoft console.
  12. I feel like I'm stuck on a retarded Neo GAF thread. Where everyone anylyzes every little minuscule detail. I say just buy what you like. I know this thread is provactively titled console wars. But these arguments are silly.
  13. Also Nintendos stock looks like it's on climb to me.
  14. I've listened to podcasts like the Player One Podcast with former EGM editors where they had a screenshot capture device hooked up to a PC where you would have to press a key to capture a screenshot. Which sometimes would be a pain in the ass in the middle of play. Arealea's answer is pretty thorough. But you can see that sometimes when scanning these old issues, at the zoomed in level you can see the seems where they stitched stuff together. Some games have debug modes where you can scroll the whole level. Older magazines actually hand drew art to look like screenshots. Talking Atari 2600 era. And ya photoshopping them together. Not hard to remove a character out. Especially with the nature of game art with repeating texture data and tiles.
  15. I'll buy it. Because it will let me play things that I can't on my PS4, like a new 3D Mario game. I think a lot of people will buy it.
  16. I guess we'll see in January but the Switch will sell people on an affordable price and interesting features that can't be replicated elesewhere. And Nintendo exclusives. Whether those features are for you is one thing. But I don't think it's realistic to expect Nintendo to compete on a pure horsepower level with Microsoft or Sony. It's not going nor ever was goin g to happen.
  17. The power game is a sham. The GameCube was more powerful than the PS2 but that didn't help Nintendo beat Sony. Nintendo has largely ignored the powergame and instead gone for innovative features with their hardware to make them interesting. Which is fine by me. So I'll tend to have one Nintendo console and whatever the most powerful alternate game console is. I have a PS4 (Now a Pro) and a Wii U. I'll surely upgrade to the Switch. PC gaming is never as good as console gaming. Though I have a gaming PC. I've found that FPS games are superior on those platforms, the are inconvenient and convoluted for console genres. (I'd say strategy stuff and war games superior on PC as well.)
  18. We usually include that stuff in the scan or at the end of the scan. Up to you. You should include that if it came with the issue. Placement is variable.
  19. This issue required me to manually color correct the orange on the cover. It scanned light pink as always and I had to select the color and manually tweak it to get a fluorescent orange look. It's pretty close. If anyone's wondering why there is a combined two page on one of the ads it's because it was presented as a single image in a foldout, so I also presented it as such. Towards the end of the magazine there was a paper card that was torn out. I'd gladly add it if someone had a copy in their issue.
  20. Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 93 April 1997 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  21. 913 downloads

    Constant 2200 pixel height scan. 600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.
  22. Digging through my scan pile, turns out I do have this supplement. Must have picked it up in an auction and forgot about it. So I'll scan it next. Can someone verify what EGM issue it came with? Was it 32?
  23. It's really hard to combat yellowing except when it's in spot areas. Not worth the trouble. I did it once. It took hours, for one page.
  24. This probrably shares some of the screenshots of the EGM I'm scanning now with early Zelda 64 coverage.
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