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  1. I currently have everything that is able to be preserved. But if someone else want them to scan sooner. That will be fine. (I'm going to scan the purée 100 stuff first.) But I'd take the issue 100 to scan if it's in good condition. Especially if you have the poster that came with it and any of the inserts. If your willing I'd pay shipping on that if the condition is good,
  2. I had windows ME. It had a few cool features like internet connection sharing. And some media stuff. But it was buggy as hell and pretty horrible. Although I still think Vista was worse.
  3. I actually think in the US services like compuserve etc were much more mature than this at that point. I can remember people going online earlier than 1984 with those services. Like 82 or even before. But most people didn't have the money to by a computer with a modem. Also was that guy's password 1234?
  4. Great first scan. It on;y gets faster from here on out as you know what to do.
  5. Ya that Sega CD preview was pretty cool with the borders made of the scaling and rotating Mega CD logo. The upcoming issue 30 should complete their 3 part SF2 coverage.
  6. Your welcome. Let me know what you think about the contents sometime too.
  7. EGM 31 is out. As well as two uploads to the EGM supplements. One is the Neo Geo ad supplement from EGM 31 offerered as a standalone download. The other is the Mindscape ad supplement from EGM 77. If you have both of these issues, you already have the content. The other is I put an announcemt on the frontpage for the update of EGM 24. It includes the two missing pages that Retrodefense had scanned for me. That makes EGM 24 complete. Be sure to update your collection on that one. Up next: EGM 30 Y This issue will be fun. The copy I picked up on ebay has a ton of loose ad stuff in it and some posters. Plus its pretty much a pristine copy of this issue. Too bad I'll be destroying it. But such is our craft.
  8. Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 31 February 1992 Database Entry! Download Directly! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 31 Neo Geo Supplement (Inside EGM 31 but available separately) Database Entry! Download Directly! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 77 Mindscape Visions Supplement (Inside EGM 77 but available separately) Database Entry! Download Directly! UPDATED! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 24 July 1991 (Added two missing page making the magazine complete) Database Entry! Download Directly!
  9. 1,651 downloads

    Constant 2200 pixel height scan. 600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.
  10. All I really care about is that it shows them in the correct order in my reader program and in my file folder. The current system does that. If the new one also does, fantastic. As far as codes. We seem to always replace existing files with new ones. And discard completely the old one. I don't see a point. As long as the tool looks at the current MD5 hashtag of the file you can verify its the current or correct one. The caution on this of course is some people delete the Retromags pag from their collection. And it will fail the hashtag check if they run it through the tool.
  11. Yup, what Retodefense said. NES and SMS launched after it folded. They probrably might have had a blurb from CES winter coverage. Also some newspapers like the Chicago ones had video game columns, Ed Semrad wrote one. There may be something there.
  12. Your out of luck on this one. Their were no magazines covering the NES launch. It's well known there was a lack of coverage at the time. The NES and the SMS launched during the dead zone after the video game crash where all the game mags were out of business. I believe video game historian Frank Cifaldi has looked for reviews and had found possibly the only only contemporary review of Super Mario Bros was written by this women who did a fanzine of sorts at the time.
  13. Does that meant NP is available again?
  14. Here's the two pages for EGM 53. https://www.dropbox.com/s/93892y9tc69644n/Electronic%20Gaming%20Monthly%20Issue%20053%20December%201993%20page%20098a.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1d6547c40dyr47o/Electronic%20Gaming%20Monthly%20Issue%20053%20December%201993%20page%20098b.jpg?dl=0
  15. Well I agree, I try not to get too anal. My only point is, and my perspective is I have a close interest on fixing problems in our EGM scans, is that the old scan actually looked really good. It was a decent resolution, greater than 1200 pixels tall, had great editing, and was cropped, and looked really good. Had it been me, I would have spent the time scanning something we didn't have or that had some issues. I realize there are issues with when people donate something and feeling obligated to scan it , and also striving to to improve our scans when we can. I mean I'm not even super happy yet with with my edits. My only consolation is my Canon flatbed, which I believe is the same or similar model as eday's actual makes a really nice scan from the start, that's why I bought it, based on reviews for consumer level scanners with great color accuracy and speed. It puts out real good color, probrably because it uses an LED light, and the adjustments I have to make are minimal. So I actually don't spend a lot of time adjusting things. Even though I always feel it could be better. I'm probrably my own worst critic. I mean to me, the fact we have have an update to the other issue, 53 is fantastic. I don't want to critize the great work eday has done pumping out these scans. I won't say any more on it. The good far ouways any bad in this case. I just wanted to say something because I have such a vested interest in our EGM collection.
  16. Wow that's way more work than nessacary to show that lol. But ya I think your flatbed scanner, even without corrections looks really good. I'll get that page to you shortly.
  17. They just take our scans and resize them wholesale and remove the Retromags page. I recognize my edits on the issues they host that I scanned. It's theft pure and simple. I don't mind too much , but I wish they did t reduce the quality.
  18. A couple of things. Issue 53 is a huge improvment on the old one. But there are a couple of fixes. The first is in the old scan, there is a page in the magazine between 98 and 99 that has a contest entry card and entry number for the Hero match and win. Maybe you could take the page from the existing scan and ad it to the new one so it will be complete. Its just a white page with black graphics so resolution shouldnt matter as there is nothing high res on it. The second issue is at the end of the magazine you got some pages out of order. Starting at page 357 you have the wrong page. Your page 357 is actually page 359.Your page 358 is actually page 360. Your 359 is actually page 357. Your page 360 is actually page 358. From page 361 on the pages are correct. As far as issue 51 I think I kind of prefer the older one. (You new scan of course includes the subscriber only page the old scan did not have.) While your new one is great, it increases the resoltution from 1440 width to about 1650 width (2200 pixel height) the color correction is a little off. Comparing side by side the reds look more oarnge and the colors seem a little over saturated. I could post some examples, but there are some images the tone shift changes the shinobi 3 boss in the ad from a purulish red to pink. And the reds instead of being like coke red are like very light red to light oarnge. Also the whites look noticable creme from being shifted to the red direction too. While there are some great pages where your corrections made a nice as you would call it pop look, alot of the other pages are really off. (Your blues are fantastic.) Im sure your happy with with it and probrably wont fix that. But try looking at the two side by side and you will see a huge difference.
  19. See that's another one. While far better than Zelda 1. I've never finished Link to the past. I've only played the GBA version. But I got stuck in the dark world as a bunny. Got frustrated and quit.
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