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  1. You may..... or may not be right. A little under 100 pages to go out of 246. Making good progress.
  2. While waiting for a reply, what you could do is upload some cover scans to the gallery. It will help categorizing these magazines.
  3. Hi Alex sorry know one has gotten with you, its best if you make a thread, list what you have that we are missing, and an interested party will get with you. It also helps to be upfront about if you are willing to pay for shipping or not or your terms of donation.
  4. I'm all for issue 232 and number based on that. An issue number is an issue number, even if it spans across different titles. Interesting the magazine then became Dreamcast magazine. I would love to ha e all these and issues of Japanese Sega coverage.
  5. Please someone add this to the database! Would love to read through some Japanese Saturn coverage.
  6. As much as I liked Mortal Kombat, I'd probrably have to say Tomb Raider was a more competent movie. Resident Evil was so so. Silent Hill was passable. And to me the rest are just downright horrid. Ow wait, Angry Birds I suppose was pretty good.
  7. I don't know if you still visit, but I have been enjoying your Vivecast and VR round table show. I picked up a PSVR and the information you put out is great, I find a lot of the mainstream outlets aren't super enthusiastic about VR, so it's good to get some quality information.
  8. Finally finished scanning. It took me a little longer due to pausing my scan to put together posters and two page spreads, then continue scanning. So im all to the editing process now. Here is a look at the EA poster included in this issue and a Streets of Rage spread from the magazine. Y
  9. From the album: Sean697 Scan Album

    Conjoined two page spread of Super Play strategy coverage for Streets of Rage 2 on Sega Genesis from EGM issue 30.
  10. From the album: Sean697 Scan Album

    Poster of game releases by Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis from January 1992.
  11. My favorite is a later Ed Semrad column that was circulated this year where he says the Sega Master System is goin goth eat Nintendo;s lunch.
  12. Man. Just man. I'll readily admit to not nearly having enough times for games. And being very interested in Retro games. That said I have a framemeister. Multiple Everdirives. I'm actively playing a Wii U game. I play my 3DS at work. I just got PlayStation VR. (It's amazing), and preordered a PS4 pro. I'll also surely get a Nintendo Switch. So yes I do play games. While I'm ok with not playing games as much as I like, I don't ever want to quit playing games completely and devote myself to being some kind of archivist or live in the past. (Not saying I don't enjoy the past.)
  13. I haven't worked on it the last week and a half as my wife and son were off for the fall break. He is back in school so I should make progress shortly. I can post raw data for you on drop box or something before I edit if you need to look at it right away.Let me know what your requirements are for and I can upload some quickly resized scans of lower quality.
  14. I use my heatgun in my garage on my workbench. No way I'm doing that in the house. I also make sure to unplug after every use. You could start a fire pretty easy leaving one unattended. In reply to eday. I had the issue once or twice with the edge of the page curled a bit. But I manually scan all. Ynpages so not too big a deal for me. But it is a thing that can happen. I kind of like the spine on when I debind because the glue will stay in one place on the spine. One time I took it off and the glue tended to want to stay on the pages. I find once th glue is hot you just need periodic application of heat. A couple short passes per page and remove, repeat. You only need to lay the heat on in the beggining. A far as the focused heat with an air guide, I'm somewhat worried about concentrating the heat in one spot, imoreffer the more diverse flow to heat the general are without haveing to worry about it concentrating on one spot and burning a page. As far as the cover, I just bend it back till it stays open. It will lose its memory pretty quickly and not keep trying to close on you. Also generally once things are hot I don't need to use any force to have the page come out, even at the end. If I'm at the end and I pull and the whole mag comes with it I just keep using heat in a sweeping motion until it comes off with no force. I also try to keep the end of the heat gun at least 6 inches away if not closer to 9 from the pages.
  15. You basically do it the same way I do. Except I don't use any attachments. And haven't weighed the cover down. And have anothe cardboard box to place the removed pages in.
  16. I cleaned it up the best I could. Looks fine. People looking for the finer points on a green marble background may notice, but most people wouldn't know there was a tear in those pages.
  17. Updated EGM 56 is live. Removed from the list.
  18. Retromags Presents! UPDATED! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 56 March 1994 (Added four missing page making the magazine complete) Database Entry! Download Directly! (Thanks to theassasin for providing the missing pages!)
  19. Thanks! Uploading the fixed version now. Was able to take out the page rips on your scans pretty good. Ill update here when its live on the server. You can delete your images from the host now.
  20. I just rename during the editing process. My scanner generates a number and I scan in order. Where nessesary I stop and name stuff right away if it doesn't fit into the magazine page order. After editing a page I rename it to the proper name and use the scanner number as the page number. I don't have to type it out every time as when I rename I click on page 1 and it imports the name, then I just change the page number. Also the benefit is it racks where I'm at on editing. Any page that stil has the scanner number has not been edited. Properly named pages are complete.
  21. I just put my rebound magazines in cardboard sofa tray like you see at Costco for bulk sodas. Keeps it from sliding around. And I just pray that it doesn't get tipped off of my desk lol.
  22. You know what, go ahead , I'll take the issue 100 to scan. I just found this auction and am going to grab it. Seller is local to me so maybe I can get a deal. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=331994228571&globalID=EBAY-US
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