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  1. I love when people use the term elites and don't know what they are talking about. It's classic take what's wrong with us and blame it on our opponent. Very popular among conservative circles. The "elites" run the Republican Party. Guys like the Koch brothers. People with billions who want to hold onto it for dear life, and who would put us all into Indont urged servitude if the law allowed. They are not the party for your rights but against them.
  2. im already preparing for this scenario by selling off old games while the market is high when suatable solutions exist like flash carts etc. I don't need the physical games but am a. If proponent of playing on real hardware. Same philosophy with old magazines. Anyway digital is ok but for NEW stuff I prefer physical, and old stuff digital as long as it's accurate.
  3. Trump don't give a damn about Space. Also the NASA already has a plan for Mars. And the Orion program has not been grounded. They tested it a year or so ago on a single orbit around the Earth.
  4. They did. EGM cover around issue 50 had a Road Rash hologram cover.
  5. So this is the before and after. I'm pretty happy with it. Obviously you wont get the shiny part uniform. But it does show the mirror like shiny films light properties. It's the best I could do for now anyway. Damn neon colors and metallic paints making me work.
  6. Sean697

    Sean697 Scan Album

    Random stuff I am scanning and general repository of magazine related image posts for sharing.
  7. So I went ahead and took a photo with my iPhone. Cropped out the shiny parted and pasted it 8 times into the scan. Doing touch up work but I think it came out OK. The thing is it will look different depending on how the light shines on it. But what I did captures the intent. When I'm done I post a before and after.
  8. Anyone have any advice on scanning metallic paint? I got this page of Soul Blade trading cards that have a shiny metallic coating on the Soul Blade logo. It scans as black. When it's actually a mirror like finish.
  9. Ya it wouldn't hurt to try it out.
  10. EGM 63 released. Had to go with something a little smaller. I'm not ready for the beast that is EGM 64 yet. Next up is EGM 93
  11. I thought this issue was fantastic. So much stuff about good games across all platforms. There are some 2 page combined spreads here and there. I kind of broke my rule on not combing ads, I combined the ad for that Leonard Nimoy comic because it just needed to be presented as one image, and it's a really cool piece of artwork. So much good stuff in this issue, I highly recommend it.
  12. Ya all the scan I've ever done I have a backup 600 dpi copy for whenever that becomes standard. Which it sounds like maybe it is. Maybe I'll upload some 600 dpi stuff on archive?
  13. Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 63 October 1994 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  14. 1,319 downloads

    Constant 2200 pixel height scan. 600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.
  15. Long story short, yes I did have trouble. For now until they figure it out the solution is to disable HDCP. Then all is fine. Except is you want to do something other than play games.
  16. Personally I haven't bought an UHD blu ray player yet. There are only like 2 models out and I'm not really happy with any of them to buy at this point. Also I don't think any of them support the Dolby Vision Color space yet, which my new 4K tv does. (Speaking of which I got the 4K LG OLED B6 model and it is the best looking TV I've ever seen in my life.) Looking at it now, I think I'd rather go back to a dedicated player. Because it's easier for my wife and son to just pop in a movie. Rather than signing in on the PS4 just to watch a movie and having to create PSN accounts. (My PS4 signing is password protected so my son doesn't screw up my game saves or system settings.)
  17. PS4 Pro does support HDR. Unless you meant HRD blurays. It looks great actually.
  18. I'm buying a switch. The Wii U is a 1080 machine. They push some nice graphics out on it when they want to. if Nintendo dies my heart will die a little inside. Their are the last man standing from the old school console days, and mostly make the type of games I like to play. I can't really imagine playing Nientendo games on other hardware.
  19. Ya, if I could do this at work I'd be pumping this stuff out. Because I have tons of free time. I've actually done stuff like editing and writing magazine pages in the database at work. My problem is not the storage, it's the programs. I can't install software on our work computer so I can't use photoshop. If I could do that, oh man. It was slow today, I watched an NBA game, and played my 3DS for around 5 hours maybe. In between doing my routine work stuff. I was thinking ideally I'd get a laptop I can use and hook it up to one of the spare monitors in our dual desktop display. But I'm not ready to drop that kind of money for that.
  20. Without a doubt Garfield. I used to collect all the books of collected comics. Garfield was a lot edgier in the early years. He;s fairly toned down now. But it was far and away my favorite strip. Also shout out to The Far Side.
  21. Hey I have an issue (bagged no less) that I got in an auction for the FF7 EGM cover of the PSM FF7 cover issue. Unfortunately it won't fit on my scanner bed as it is to wide. Could I mail it to you to scan? If you don't want to edit it I'll do the editing if you upload the raw scans. Or you can do the whole shebang. I just need someone who has the ability to scan it.
  22. I'm working REALLY hard to get this out in the next day or two. This has been the longest scan I've done I think. And I ran into some pages that had lots of those white dots and scuffs that took forever to remove. Like taking nearly an hour on some of the pages. Ridiculous I know right? But I'm on the homestretch. Also there were quite a few two page joins I did this issue. But over all this issue is going to be fantastic. The games and ads in this issue are some classics and the content is top notch. One of my favorites is an interview with FF3(6) game creator from square talking about where would FF go going forward. And he says they are open to other systems but there is a high probability the next games would be on the Not yet released N64. Lol.
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