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  1. slow drivers that refuse to stay in the right lane. anybody that swerves back-and-forth. within their own lane is bad enough, but when they start crossing over the center line it just gets dangerous and i get angry. people that never look up from their cell phones. what the hell is wrong with you?!? a friend once told me that he only ever sees me get mad at two things...video games and driving. seems pretty accurate.
  2. unsupported? there are TWO WHOLE GAMES that ROB is compatible with!
  3. we've got two cats. one is not so good at jumping and also can't make it atop the bed. We set a stool next to the bed. The cat is able to jump onto that and then onto the bed. I know numerous people who have some sort of "pet stairs" and they all are appreciative for their pets being able to make it onto the bed.
  4. as am i, depending on issue numbers and if they have the posters.
  5. sorry, i've only got about a dozen n64 boxes, and none of them are ones you're looking for.
  6. my most wanted game for the longest time was the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch. i finally found one (in box) for a price that i was happy with about 2 months ago. i played it. it's an LCD game. Nothing special, it just seemed like a forgotten piece from my favorite video game series. i'm happy i own it.
  7. finished this game up last weekend. hit 100 shrines and then took Ganon down with little effort. Amazing game. definitely plan to keep playing (at an even more casual level than i already am) to knock out as many side quests as possible. Also looking forward to the upcoming DLC pack coming soon.
  8. always wanted a Skee-Ball table. that would be high on my list. (blow up doll optional) Either the Simpsons arcade game cabinet or the X-Men arcade game. both are staples of growing up. other than that, i'd just buy a shit ton of video games to round out my (already sizable) collection. non-gaming related, i'd pick up my dream car.
  9. i've always had a soft spot for River Raid.
  10. after yet another month-long break from playing, picked this up again the other day. i'm up to 88 shrines completed, all 4 divine beasts, and found the master sword. my plan is to hit 100 before tackling Ganon, so that is upcoming on my radar. this game is still amazing.
  11. totally agreed. comparing a "possession mechanic" to rape is ludicrous. these are all animated (i.e., non-living) creatures and made specifically for this purpose. i think we'll all be ok.
  12. very cool little article/post. a few of the artworks confused me, since they were not the released coverart. nonetheless, they were all recognizable and interesting. then i get to the GameCube era and see Donkey Kong Racing. i had never heard of this! perhaps it was Japan-only? so i did some research. And now i am sad that this game was never (fully) made. i was ready to play the hell out of it.
  13. still on the lookout for an official NES mini controller. to everybody getting their hopes up, Nintendo refuses to learn its lesson on meeting demand. i would expect nothing different from this short-term holiday item. see: Wii, Amiibos, NES Classic, Switch.
  14. i'm not much of a mobile gamer personally. i tried the PokeMon Go game, but it kept crashing on my phone. I have Super Mario Run installed on there, but i don't think i've played it in over a month (and i haven't even beaten it yet!). a guy i work with has a new game on his phone seemingly every day, but i can't even imagine that. hell, i'm not even a handheld gamer. i'm just a console gamer.
  15. call me old fashioned, but a lot of what i watch are VHS rips. i have a 32" flat screen that i would guess is 720p as my main tv. i really couldn't care less about 4k or whatever. i still prefer dvds to blurays (cases look nicer lined up), except for the special features.
  16. picked up a GameCube back in November. something like 6 games for it. The usuals: Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Metroid Prime. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy has been getting the most play from me tho.
  17. well, at least 3 1/2 years later the JPGs are working. also, i have a digital subscription to Nintendo Force (have since year one!) and it is fantastic.
  18. Happened across this band called "Gun". If you're looking for super early heavy metal, this. is. it. can't believe these guys don't get talked about more, as their whole self-titled debut album (from 1968) is awesome. This is a live performance from 1969. seriously, this predates Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.
  19. modern games made to look retro are usually a pass for me. they lack the charm of the actual NES games that i love so much. I feel that many times it just leads to shortcuts in other places also that i just don't dig. a couple exceptions are Shovel Knight and Retro City Rampage. love both of them.
  20. bought this day one. played it quite a bit. a bunch of stuff happened. vacation, weddings, friends, etc., and i took about a month off from it. played it again this last weekend. Hit 50 shrines completed, finished my first Divine Beast (have two others that i 'opened' but never completed) and unlocked the entire map. i freaking love this game.
  21. estimated retail price: $1690 (plus $80 for a pair of chairs). BUT, act now, and via KickStarter, you can get your very own table for ONLY $1100 (chairs still sold separately). yeesh. good luck to them tho. it's a pretty awesome idea.
  22. it's been a pleasure having you as a part of this community.
  23. *Goldeneye for the Wii. bought this on the strength of Goldeneye for the n64. That was one of my most played and favorite games. Picked up the Wii remake and found it to be completely different. Felt more like CoD than Goldeneye to me, which is a big downgrade. I even gave it a second chance and picked up the Wii Zapper, to see if i could acclimate myself to the playstyle. Still couldn't stand it. Remains the only Wii game i've traded in after buying. *Bayonetta 2 for the Wii-U. picked it up when it first came out, due to high praise and the fact that it came with Bayonetta 1. Played it for about two hours, 45 minutes of which was cut scenes, and the part that wasn't i didn't find interesting. There was too much "Now Press X!" "Now Press A!" for my liking. Traded it to a friend for something (don't remember what) but i definitely got the better end of that deal IMO.
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