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Favorite Retro Console?


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I have just recently discovered and rediscovered the ps1 and ps2 so I have a bit of trouble seeing it as retro, plus lots of their games haven't suffered by the passing of the times.

If you're able to play Japanese PSone games you might be interested in these on my old site:


Chippoke Ralph

Harmful Park

Ore no Ryouri

Raiden DX

and both Umihara Kawase Shun games are essential as PSone retro games! :)

Umihara is also on the Super Famicom and handles a tiny bit better as well on there. The new PSP version is full of game breaking bugs, so should be avoided at all cost. It a port of the PSone game anyway, more or less.

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Yahooo: :Yahooo: :Yahooo:

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Had to make a list because these systems are all so great:

1. NES (Gotta' make it first because it all started here)

2. NeoGeo (so much potential...sigh...)

3. 3DO (see above)

4. SNES (really changed gaming)

5. Genesis (great but not as good as SNES)

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My favorite retro console is by far the SNES though I also have a soft spot for the Genesis (you have to love that 16-bit era) and the NES.

I think I would probably be really in to the Dreamcast also but I completely missed out on it. I was living in another country when it came out and not playing video games at the time. By the time I got back it was defunct.

I need to save my nickels and dimes and get one on ebay, I guess.

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Ooooh... It's so hard to choose. I have Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and NES as favourites :S....

I would have to say Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 are very closely tied. When I look at Sega Genesis, and all of the time I spent with burning time on Gunstar Heroes, and beating ALL of the available save slots with the Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic 3 attachment... (Yes... I had saved all the saves to 100% plot completion, including beating Doomsday)

Nintendo 64 had Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, Paper Mario, etc, etc, and I love those games just as much as Gunstar Heroes and Sonic and Knuckles. Just too much good gaming in the past.

Nowadays, I'm finding it hard to get into playing games like Gears of War or sports games, as all it is, is just HD cinematics around a bland engine. Yes, there are some diamonds in the hordes of games, but seriously, the ratio of excelling games versus just plain games is getting worse...

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Either the NES or N64...hard to choose between those two. I had the NES before the N64 came out, and I remember how fun it was to play as a kid. I had a crap-load of games for it too.

Super Mario bros 1, 2, 3 , Ninja Turtles, Kirbys Adventure, LOZ, etc. etc.

I don't know, there was a weird mysterious feeling to the N64 that is hard to explain. I guess it's something to do with making the jump from 2-dimensions to 3 or something. Still every game almost has that same feeling...as if there is a secret place waiting to be unlocked.

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Ever since I bought the first console (Coleco Vision), I am hooked with Mario games.

It's no exception when I bought the NES, I got all of the Mario games.

When SNES came out, I bought the system mainly for Mario games as well. And so far, SNES has the best Mario compilations -- Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World.

Sure, the N64 has Super Mario 64 and I love that as well. However, comparing the N64 with the SNES, the SNES is just a better deal for me -- much more good games on the SNES than the N64.

Final answer: My favorite console is the SNES.

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For me it would have to be the Neo Geo, closely followed by the Super NES.

When I got my Neo Geo it was after about 5 years of craving for one after reading an article in a magazine when they first came out. I was about 12 when they first came out. I even looked into trading in my Super NES with about 6 games plus a wad of cash for a Neo Geo with no games, but in the end I stuck to the Super NES with the conversions of the Neo Geo games (next best thing I thought). I eventually did get to enjoy the Neo Geo in the arcades until I was 17/ A friend of mine saw one for sale second hand and I snapped it up (cost about £150). Unfortunately I didn't keep it when I got divorced a couple of years later and I'm really kicking myself now considering how much they go for on eBay (and when you have a not so understanding wife like mine, spending a £150 or so on an old games console isn't considered a priority). Nearest I get now to playing on the Neo Geo is either emulation on Mame or on the Wii Virtual Console.

I did love the Super NES too. I have so many great memories playing Super Mario World, Zelda etc on it. I guess I'm lucky that it's emulated on the Wii now so I can enjoy some of the games until I eventually manage to get my hands on one again.


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To difficult to choose,each machine has it's classic games and at the time i owned them were all my favorite console!

However,the machine that i probably hold fondest would be the pc-engine.Prior to this i'd owned a sinclair spectrum and a nes(showing my age now!)

I saw an article in a magazine of that time showing the pc-engine and some of the games,including an almost arcade perfect port of r-type ,and thought it was amazing!

Many import businesses sprung up around the console,and i was lucky enough to be one of the first in the uk to get one.

The tiny size of the machine and its cool game cartridges,not to mention great graphics for the time,was really cool and made everyone who saw it want one.

I have owned and used to collect most consoles and even a couple of arcade cabinets,and enjoyed them all,but the pc-engine to me is a special machine.

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